When To Have Your Foundation Repaired

Knowing when you should repair your slab foundation is very important as a homeowner.  If you are experiencing unexplained cracking on your interior walls or you are showing signs of structural separation on the exterior of your home you will want to look into what issues may be taking place.  You can contact AAA Foundation Services and we can come out and do a free home inspection.  You may discover that you do need to you your foundation repaired due to any number of conditions that are present.  Extreme weather conditions and the clay soil in Houston can produce many issues for home foundations.  As a homeowner, it makes more sense to address the issue when it first presents itself as opposed to waiting until more costly repairs being to show up in and around your home.

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Inspecting for Potential Foundation Repair Issues

You will want to visually inspect your foundation yourself if you think you might be showing signs of trouble.  You will not always be able to actually see what is happening with your foundation, however, you may be presented with some tell-tale signs that your foundation is having problems.  When your foundation begins to shift and move it will affect the other structures inside of your home.  Your doors, windows, flooring, sheet rock and counter tops will all begin to shift as well.  You want to look for cracking at the corners of your doors near the top as well as doors that will not stay closed, or will not open properly.  You want to inspect that your windows open and close properly.  Take a look at your roof from outside of your home and see if you have any peaks or valleys across the surface.  Lastly, do a visual inspection of the homes brick work and foundation, are there any cracks?

If you notice any of these issues it is time to start researching foundation repair in the Houston area.  As almost all Houston area property owners are aware, foundation issues can be devastating.  There is good news in some cases though, you may not need foundation repair at all.  Sometimes just the natural settling of the home may cause these issues.  A foundation inspection will let you know what level your home sits at in regards to a single point and will tell you if there are any glaring issues that need to be addressed.

When to Have the Repair Completed

If you notice signs that your foundation has shifted and you are certain that you  need  repairs, make sure you activate as soon as possible.  Contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as you establish that your foundation may be causing hazardous issues inside of your home.  Get someone in your home that knows what additional signs to look for and can provide exact measurements to affirm what you think is taking place.  To gain more information on when you begin your foundation repair on your home, take a look at our guide to expansive clay soil in Houston.  Keep in mind that we have repaired foundations on all kinds of homes in the Houston area.  Older homes are usually more susceptible to shifting and movement, however, even newer homes with a foundation that was not properly set or poured may need to be repaired.

If you are seeing signs of your foundation having issues then give us a call today.  Taking care of the problem immediately is the smartest and least expensive option in the long run.

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