Why Are Your House Doors Sticking?

There are a number of different things that can cause a door in your home to stick. When a door in your home does stick, it can sometimes be a result of foundation issues. Wood has a natural contraction and expansion that can sometimes cause doors to stick and in some cases there is nothing to worry about, in other cases this may point to the need for foundation repair.

Often, homeowners will find that their doors sometimes will not shut correctly directly after a rain storm. In Houston, during the Summer months homeowners may find that any humid day causes their doors to stick as well. The high humidity in both scenarios listed can cause the wood inside of the door to swell and the door will stick. Once night falls, or the storm subsides for a period of time, the wood will then condense once again and the door will shut just fine.

Another reason, outside of those listed above, could be that the hinges of the door have become out of alignment over time. This can be caused by a simple loose screw or a piece of trim that has shifted. Over time doors do need to be adjusted to fix any type of misalignment that may have occurred. For a simple fix you can pick up some new hinges and screws from the store and attempt to place the door back into square inside of the frame.

Sticking House Door in Friendswood TX

Do You Need a Professional Foundation Inspection?

If you find that none of the above items apply to your situation, it may be time to get a foundation inspection completed. If your Houston home has a problem where multiple doors and windows are sticking, it is likely their frames are out of square due to foundation shifting. Often this will be accompanied by cracks in wall near the top of the door as well as cracks in the seams of the drywall around the house. If you find that your home has several of these conditions taking place, contact AAA Foundation Service for a walk-through right away.

Other Causes for Foundation Problems

There are many different types of foundation issues that may cause a home’s foundation to shift. From shifting soil, extreme weather, plumbing issues drainage problems, and landscaping issues. If you have anything making contact with your foundation or changing the environment surrounding your foundation you could have foundation issues.

If any type of sign appears you want to ensure that as a homeowner you have your home thoroughly evaluated immediately. If you do have foundation issues present, addressing them sooner rather than later could save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs down the road. Over time, many of the issues that are minimal today could grow into much larger issues in the future. A shifting foundation can cause plumbing lines to break, tree roots will continue to grow, and settling moisture will only continue to get worse over time. AAA Foundation Services will help you keep your costs minimal by addressing your issues right away. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty so you can have peace of mind for as long as your home is standing, we will ensure you are on firm ground.

Most foundation issues start on one side of the home and slowly progress around the house. If you find that only a portion of your home has shifted give us a call today, the cost for a solution could be minimal compared to placing piers around the outside of your home and sometimes on the inside of your home as well. Call us today and let us provide a no obligation property evaluation for your home. If you do not need foundation work to be complete we will let you know on the spot and put your mind at ease. If you do require a repair we will provide you with a free estimate of our service on-site. A stuck door in Houston could mean foundation issues so why wait, give us a call today and let us put your home back on solid ground.

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