Causes of Foundation Problems in the Houston Area

If you find that you have slab foundation issues give us a call and let AAA Foundation Service come out and evaluate your house foundation at no cost and without obligation.  Any issues you are experiencing now will only continue to amplify as time goes on so it is best to have your slab foundation repaired at the first sign of trouble.

In the Houston area slab foundations continue to dominate the housing landscape and their popularity is not going to stop any time soon based on the soil type in the area.  Since these types of foundations rest on the earth they are susceptible to issues and complications as soil can shift and move.  The best thing you can do as a homeowner with a concrete slab foundation is be as educated as possible in what issues you may be facing during the ownership of your home.

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Four Slab Foundation Complications

Upheaval of the Slab:  A slab foundation can shift and move out of level. This will cause the foundation to up-heave.  When this happens you may notice complications such as floors feeling uneven, counter tops that are out of level, and sticking doors.  If you find yourself in a position where your home is exhibiting any of these signs you should contact a repair contractor and have them take a look to determine the underlying cause.

Cracking in the Foundation:  A poor concrete mixture can produce cracking in the foundation.  Also, rebar that was not properly tied together can produce cracking as well.  These cracks can cause the foundation to separate and allow moisture to move higher into the subfloor of your home.  As your home continues to shift these cracks can break floor tiles and destroy your homes flooring.

Sinking of the Slab Foundation:  This is the number one signal that your foundation has experienced movement and is damaged.  If your foundation has sunk, or shifted, more than likely you are noticing several things taking place in your home.  You walls may have cracks, your doors probably shut on their own or they stick, and you can feel the slope of your home under your feet.  This type of movement always requires the use of foundation piers to resolve and you should contact a slab foundation repair specialist right away.

Poor Construction Design:  Concrete slab foundations that were not designed properly or mixed correctly often fail.  This is pretty common, especially before 1980.  A concrete slab that was poured too thin cannot properly support a home foundation due to the extreme weight of the home.  Often times this will be very easy to notice as small fractures will typically show up in the corners of the house foundation.  It is not an easy task to pour a concrete foundation in the Houston heat during the summer so we expect and often see the construction design as the cause of a lot of foundation repairs that we perform.

If you feel as though you may have an issue with your slab foundation and it may need to be leveled, give us a call today at 713-467-8981.  AAA Foundation Services is keeping Houston homeowner’s on solid ground!

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