Types of Cracks Found Around a Home

There are several types of structural cracks that can be found in a home. Understanding what all of these cracks are can help you determine how serious of an issue you may be facing. We will detail the different types of cracks and their meaning so as a homeowner you have answers to your questions. First, there are several different types of cracks that can be found in a house; floor cracks, wall cracks, foundation cracks, brick cracks and ceiling cracks. Also, there are different types of structure to each of these cracks as well. Cracks may be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and might even have a stair like appearance. Below we will explore each type of specific crack so you can understand what challenge you may be facing when it comes to your foundation.

Cracked Brick Wall

Ceiling Cracks

These types of cracks are fairly common for homes that are over 20 years old. Most are due to typical settlement of the home foundation when they are very small and hairline in size. If you have ceiling cracks that are bigger than an 1/8th of an inch you are probably facing settlement or upheaval issues due to the soil composition surrounding your home. More than likely, you need to bring in a professional to assess the cracks in your ceiling.

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks are a sure sign that your foundation has moved. Unlike ceiling cracks, wall cracks are almost always a sign that your home has shifted out of level and is being impacted by movement. This movement can lead to much more serious issues if left unattended. If you have any type of cracking on your walls, call a professional in right away to have an assessment done on your home.

Foundation Cracks

Your home foundation is under extreme pressure at all times. The entire home rests on the foundation and when time has taken its toll, a foundation can begin to fail. Foundation failure can be seen by cracks in the actual foundation of the home. If you notice any cracking of your foundation, you should have a foundation inspection performed by a certified professional. There are a number of reasons that your foundation may be cracking and finding the exact answer is critical to come up with a plan for repair.

How Serious is my Cracking?

There is no way to tell for certain how serious your cracking might be without getting a professional on site. The goal is find a company that is dedicated to finding the cause of the issue and providing you with honest answers and solutions to the issue. You do not want someone that is coming out just to do a high pressure sales pitch on why you should use them over the competition. AAA Foundation Service cares about the people it serves and is locally owned and operated. Call us today just to talk foundations, it is what we love to do.

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