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A chimney that is leaning or tilting can be a sign of a settling foundation. The soil around your home is constantly moving and changing and this can make your foundation unstable. As the weather changes outside of your home, soil becomes dry during the summer and saturated during the rainy season.  This constant change of the soil makes it weak over time and will compromise your foundation. AAA Foundation Service has secured many Houston area homes that are seeing issues with leaning or tilting chimneys.


Signs of Chimney Settlement

As the foundation of your home begins to shift and settle, the chimney is typically one of the first places this becomes noticeable. This is due to the weight of the structure.  Chimney’s that are fully constructed out of brick tend to have the most problems. There are several signs that you can look for if you suspect your chimney may be causing settlement.

Separation From the Home: If your chimney is on the exterior of the home, look to see if there are gaps between the chimney structure and your home.  If your chimney is on the interior of your home look for gaps between the structure and the drywall.

Cracking Bricks or Drywall: For exterior chimneys that are made of brick, look for cracks in the brick or mortar. For interior chimneys, look for cracks in the drywall that surrounds the chimney.

Cracking Hearth: If your hearth is made of brick, look for signs of cracking or loose bricks. Next, check where the fireplace meets the floor and look for signs of cracking or separation here as well.

Common Causes of Leaning Chimneys

There are many things that can cause a chimney to lean. Most of these causes are the same as the foundation repair causes for the home.  These include:

  • Improper water drainage surrounding the chimney on the exterior of the home.
  • A home foundation that is settling around the chimney
  • A foundation that was not properly constructed to support the chimney.
  • Weather and time are taking their tool on the soil surrounding the chimney

While these are the most common issues that a chimney may be facing if there is damage, it is not an all-inclusive list. To ensure you have the correct diagnosis of your issue, call AAA Foundation Service today. We will come out and inspect your home foundation including your chimney at no cost to you. Our helical pier repair method is the most widely used method for repairing leaning chimneys.

Find a Solution to Your Leaning Chimney

If you are certain that your chimney is leaning, you want to get it repaired right away. This is one of the first warning signs of foundation issues in a home. If left unattended you could be looking at thousands of dollars on top of the foundation repair. This is especially true if the chimney fully separates from the home and falls. It is better to be safe when it comes to chimney foundation repair.  Call our Certified Foundation Specialists today and let us take care of your leaning chimney issue.

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