Taking Care of Your Houston Home Throughout the Seasons

Owning a home comes with a laundry list of tasks, and while some remain constant, many change with the weather. This guide will walk you through each season, outlining what you need to do to keep your home in top shape.

Winter in Houston

As winter approaches, focus on key maintenance points. Start by checking the roof, gutters, and downspouts for imperfections and leaks. Clean the refrigerator and freezer drip pans, along with vacuuming the coils. With more hot meals being prepared indoors during the winter, inspect the air filter of the kitchen exhaust hood. Also, check the water heater for leaks, and consider using a leak detector to prevent potential flood damage.

Spring in Houston

After the winter weather, inspect the roof for damage. Restart outdoor water systems and clean sprinkler systems. Check outdoor faucets for leaks and the water main shutoff valve for any issues. Have an HVAC professional examine your AC before the heat sets in. Repair any cracked driveways, clean dryer exhaust duct lint buildup, and ensure your fire extinguisher is accessible.

Summer in Houston

Enjoy the sun but check play equipment for damage and make repairs. Examine decks or patios for deterioration and reseal wood decks to prevent water damage. Trim trees and remove any potential dead or damaged ones. Inspect the exterior of your home for chips and damages, repairing them promptly. Check for water damage after spring rains and address drainage issues. Inspect your home foundation for signs of cracks or deterioration. Contact a foundation repair expert if needed.

Fall in Houston

Prepare for winter by draining sprinkler systems, covering outdoor pipes, and raking up leaves. Bring temperature-sensitive plants indoors. Clean gutters and drain gas-powered lawn equipment of fuel. Sweep the chimney, inspect flues and vents, and clean kitchen appliances before the holidays. Protect the AC with a cover or remove it. Re-caulk and seal around doors and windows to prevent drafts. Clean dryer exhaust ducts and dampers to prevent fires.

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    AAA Foundation Service

    While there might be other tasks for home maintenance, this guide focuses on essential seasonal care. From draining sprinkler systems to repairing driveways, these small maintenance tasks will keep your home running smoothly. If concerns about your foundation arise during maintenance, reach out to AAA Foundation Service for a free estimate on repairs.

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