Does Summer Heat Cause Foundation Damage?

Heat is an issue for concrete slab foundations during the Summer months. Homeowners in the Houston area have experienced extreme Summer temperatures for many years, especially during the 2015 drought. When Summer comes and the temperatures increase, moisture in the soil erodes and the ground that surrounds your home becomes increasingly drier.  This effect is multiplied when temperatures reach scorching levels above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature the soil retracts away from the foundation of a home if nothing is done to keep the ground saturated. Once the soil has little to no moisture left, the foundation will begin to shift. Over time, if we do not replace moisture into the soil the shifting that takes place will become noticeable to the homeowner and sometimes the foundation will crack.

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How Extreme Heat Impacts Home Foundations

Typically foundation cracks begin tiny, in most cases less than a 16th of an inch. If left unattended, a foundation crack can quickly grow to over one inch in size. You should take preventative measures to ensure that the soil surrounding your home does not become too dry. The easiest way to do this is to ensure a constant level of moisture around your home with an irrigation system or a soaking hose.  Using either of these devices can save you thousands of dollars in future repair costs and keep foundation cracks to a minimum.

Cracks in a home foundation weaken the concrete over time and if left without treatment will allow your home to settle and heave. In time, you find that your home foundation is no longer level. This can become even more noticeable as the Summer moves into storm season and the rain moves back into the soil. What was once sparse soil with no moisture becomes flooded with water and your home foundation will heave. Year-after-year these instances can take place and eventually cause damage to your foundation and ultimately your home.

Have a Foundation Evaluation Completed

The easiest way to spot damage to your foundation is to bring in a professional. By having a foundation repair contractor thoroughly inspect your house foundation, you can determine what is causing slab fractures and have a plan put together for your home on how to fix them. At AAA Foundation Service, we are certified National Foundation Repair Specialists. We have been serving Houston since 1955 with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Our foundation inspections are free and have no obligation or commitment required. Let our experts into your home today by calling 713-467-8981.

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