Common Slab Foundation Issues in Houston

At AAA Foundation Service we have seen all types of slab foundation issues over the last 60 years.  Slab foundations have grown more and more common over the years due to their ease of construction and lower cost.  They are especially popular in Houston and the surrounding areas due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures.  Below, we will outline the six most common issues that a home owner may be facing if they have signs of foundation problems. Get the facts and know that if any of the issues below are present in your home you should contact us today to schedule your free foundation estimate. Waiting to repair the foundation of your home will only lead to a more costly repair in the future.

Slab Foundation Issues in Houston

The Six Most Common Slab Foundation Issues

1. The settling of the slab foundation is the most common issue with slab foundations in and around Houston. Settling of a slab foundation is common, especially when a home is first built.  The weight of the home will settle into the ground over time as well.  Settling of sinking of the foundation is a sign of trouble either way.  Lack of moisture in the soil around the home is the most common issue with a foundation that is sinking.  Installing piers under the home is the number one way to stop this from continuing to happen and securing the structure of the home.  Contact us and we will get you back on solid ground at an affordable price.

2. Slab upheaval, the opposite of sinking and settling, is the second most common issue that we see on homes needing slab leveling. This again is typically due to moisture in the soil or a poorly structured foundation design.  Excess moisture in the ground around the home on a regular basis can cause one side of the home foundation to sit higher.  This can also be caused by a crack that cannot be seen in the slab of the home.  This is very easy to identify as a homeowner.

3. Cracking of the slab foundation is a very common issue in foundations around the Houston area as well. Slabs made of concrete will typically have some cracks as time takes its toll on the cement mixture.  This will typically produce minute hairline cracks that most homeowners will not notice.  If you can physically see a crack in your foundation and are able to see it extend for more than six inches, you have a problem.  You may have joint separation or you may even have a load bearing split.  If you notice a crack give us a call today to discuss what you may be seeing and if you need repair.

4. A poorly designed or mixed concrete slab foundation will fail over time. A concrete foundation that was not properly designed during construction may not be able to support the weight of the home over time.  Also, if the mixture was not poured correctly the slab may buckle and break.  Either way, foundation issues will occur if these things are taking place.  A slab that is too thin will not support your home properly.  In order to properly diagnose this type of issue we recommend having a certified specialist perform your foundation inspection.  At AAA Foundation Service our site inspectors are certified by the National Association of Foundation Repair.

5. Foundation support piers may have shifted. An older foundation that has had previous foundation repair may be experiencing foundation support piers that have shifted and are once again letting the foundation of the home move.  Poorly placed concrete piers that were not properly aligned during construction can shift over time.  At AAA Foundation we use steel rebar between our piers to ensure they stay aligned over time.  The rebar also ensures that the piers that are underpinning your home are straight and produce the best support possible.

6.Foundation support pier shims that have shifted or failed. When a foundation is repaired, the top of the final concrete piers are shimmed with steel shims that are hammered into place to finalize the process.  If your foundation repair is beginning to fail, these shims may shift and move out of place.  If this occurs, your foundation will flex and move as well.

AAA Foundation Service Can Solve Your Problems

At AAA Foundation Service we know slab foundations and we know the soil of Houston.  Each foundation repair that we complete is different and we align our services to the needs of the client and the geographic location of the home.  If you are experiencing any of the six issues above, or if you just have a few questions – give us a call.  We are always here for you to support any of your home needs.  We can be reached at 713-467-8981.

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