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    With a current population of over 40,000 residents, Mission Bend is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing areas in West Houston.  Many new residents are settling down with their families in the area and home purchases are growing year-over-year.

    Constructed in the 80’s, Mission Bend found itself at the height of the housing boom in Houston at that time.  Since then it has been in the middle of the continued growth of the area and continues to flourish.

    There is a lot of clay soil in this area and many homes have had their foundations repaired or are in need of repair. Our team is the number one repair contractor for foundation work in Mission Bend.

    Homeowners in Mission Bend have been trusting AAA Foundation Service with their home’s foundation problems for decades.

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    A home is only as strong as the foundation that it sits upon and can go through many changes as it ages.  The ground on which you home sits also goes through changes over time.  Soil expands and contracts as the years go by and this movement adds stress to your foundation.  The added stress will cause it to degrade over time.  While some damage is easy to see other damage can only be assessed by a certified professional.  AAA Foundation Repair has been serving Mission Bend homeowners foundations for over 60 years with a team of highly trained professionals. At AAA Foundation Service we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right, the first time.  Our team understands the soil composition of the area and what it takes to ensure a proper repair on the slab foundations commonly found in Mission Bend.  We create repair plans based on the source of the problem and the type of issues that the home foundation is facing.

    If you are questioning the stability of your foundation, call our foundation repair team in Mission Bend at 713-467-8981 to schedule a free evaluation and have one of our certified experts examine your foundation.

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    Foundation Repair Specialists

    Clay soils of Mission Bend can absorb a large amount of water and swell in volume during heavy rains. When the clay soil loses that moisture, they being to shrink. This continuous swelling and shrinking of the soil is the main issue that causes so many foundation problems in Mission Bend.  Under slab plumbing leaks are another issue that sometimes takes place in regards to moisture issues. This has resulted in many homes looking for assistance help from the foundation repair specialists in Mission Bend. This article will bring to light some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a reputable foundation repair service in Mission Bend.

    The foundation of a home is the most important part and is responsible for the security and safety of the home. The foundation holds the entire weight of the structure. Any damage or change to the foundation can place your whole family under a safety and security threat. That is why you need to keep an eye on the foundation of your home, and seek professional help from the certified foundation specialists in Mission Bend to inspect the foundation if there are any signs of issues.

    Foundation repair is often overlooked when there are no visible structural problems with a home, however, it is crucial to include regular checks for deterioration or damage tf the foundation. Cracks in walls, misaligned windows and doors, sloped floors, gaps between the ceiling and walls, sagging roof lines and corner trim separation are some of the other issues that indicates your home foundation may need repair. If any of these signs are present to you, you need to act immediately and seek advice from the professionals of foundation repairs in Mission Bend.

    Repair options, and the cost of repair will depend on the extent of damage to the foundation. The Mission Bend foundation specialists are the best people to get onsite so we can perform a foundation inspection.  AAA Foundation Service provides free estimates for homeowners so give us a call today and schedule yours.  713-467-8981

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