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    Katy Foundation Repair

    Katy, Texas was first known as Cane Island and lies just outside of the Houston metropolitan area.  When it first was established, Katy was only a wide open space of land that was used as a hunting ground for early Indian tribes.  The earliest known settlements that were established in Katy (Cane Island at the time) date back to 1872.

    In 1895 Katy, Texas was officially scaled and planned out by J.O. Thomas, L.C. Luckel and R. M. Cash.  It is believed that they named the town Katy after MKT Railroad, however, no one actually knows how it came to be called Katy.  Katy does have ties back to the railroad as well as rice farming and agriculture.  Katy also boasted one of the largest gas fields in South Texas at one time.

    Today, if you stop and have look around Katy, you will notice that it continues to grow.  It now boasts a full shopping mall, a water park, car dealerships, grocery stores and expanding master-planned housing communities.  Life is far from what is was like when the earliest settlers moved into the area, however, Katy has only gotten better with age and continues to flourish as one of the most beautiful cities in Texas.

    Foundation Repair in Katy You Can Trust

    With growth comes unforeseen issues that can cause damage to your home or your home’s foundation. That’s where we come in. If you find that your foundation is starting to crack or you are in need of foundation repair in Katy, then we are here to help.

    Foundation failure is usually not caused by inferior workmanship but can arise due to natural causes, the environment and plumbing problems. When a home’s foundation is subject to excessive moisture, the soil can expand. Alternately, soil that is very dry will contract and cause foundations to settle.

    These shifts can cause cracks to appear in a home’s interior and exterior walls.  As a result doors may become difficult to open and close properly. Occasionally, foundation challenges arise from leaks in homes’ plumbing systems.

    If you have a foundation repair problem in Katy, you don’t have to wait until the issue gets progressively worse. At AAA Foundation Service, we will evaluate your home’s foundation for free and provide a no-obligation quote for repairs.  We use the best foundation repair system in Katy.

    AAA Foundation Service has been servicing homes in Katy and the surrounding metropolitan area for over 60 years. We are certified and insured foundation repair specialists and we are also your neighbors. We understand that foundation repairs can represent a financial burden on many households, and we offer flexible financing plans to take the stress out of the process.

    With certified Foundation Repair experts and a 60 year old name that you can trust – AAA Foundation Services is proud to help you with your found problems in Katy, TX. Find out more about our approach to helping you solve your Foundation problems throughout our website and feel free to call us for a FREE quote.

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    City of Katy
    901 Avenue C
    P.O. Box 617
    Katy, Texas 77493
    Phone (281) 391-4800

    Population estimates, July 1, 2018: 19,216
    Population estimates base, April 1, 2010: 14,119
    Population, percent change – April 1, 2010: 36.1%

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