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You should always avoid performing any type of remodels to a home that has signs of foundation issues.  This especially holds true in Houston and the surrounding suburbs.  The soil composition of a home that is already showing signs that it needs foundation repair will only continue to degrade unless it is addressed in a timely manner.  Imagine putting thousands of dollars into a home renovation only to find that half of the work that was performed is no longer sitting in the shape it was prior to the foundation repair you completed after your remodel.  At a minimum you should get a certified foundation expert out to your home to determine if you do have concrete slab degradation.

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Why Should I Wait to Start My Remodel?

There are several great reasons to wait to start your remodel before you repair your foundation.  First, when a foundation repair is performed on a home there is always the possibility that the re-leveling of the home opens cracks on the sheet rock in your home.  These cracks will need to be repaired after your foundation has settled for a few months after your repair.  Also, depending on the age of your home it is possible that new doors have been put in and leveled to a foundation that was not level to being with.  Once your slab foundation in your home has been leveled, the doors may now be out of level to the rest of the home and need to be reseated.

I Already Had a Remodel Completed; Now What?

If you have already completed a remodel of your home and you are pretty sure that your slab foundation needs to be leveled, you can expect to have to have a contractor back out to your home to potentially fix some items depending on the extent of your remodel and location of where your foundation needs to be fixed.  For your kitchen the counter-tops and kitchen cabinets may come out of level once your foundation is repaired.  You may also need to re-level your refrigerator.  In a bathroom you will once again need to get your counter-top re-leveled and you potentially need your shower pan leveled as well.  Any experienced contractor would not perform remodel work on a home that has susceptible foundation issues.  The effort to redo the work is not worth it to an experienced contractor in the Houston area.

Repair Your Foundation Before Your Roof

Starting at the base of your home with any major repair is the smartest move a homeowner can make.  All the other components of your home rest on the foundation.  Your roof is one of the first things that will show signs of movement after a foundation repair.  The beam structure of your home is being placed back into square and level and a roof will typically have settled into the shape of the foundation that was broken.  Once your foundation is placed back in level you will typically experience a few peaks on your roof from the wood sheathing butting back together.   After you complete your foundation repair you can get someone to come out and replace the roof if it is needed.

Key Takeaway – DO NOT Remodel Prior to Fixing Your Foundation

Don’t remodel your bathroom, kitchen, roof, or any type of plumbing before you get a foundation repair specialist to come walk your home and give you an estimate of what needs to be done.  Schedule a free foundation repair estimate with AAA Foundation Service now online today, or just contact your Houston foundation repair contractor with 60 years of experience at AAA Foundation Service by phone 713-467-8981.

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