Patching Drywall Cracks from Foundation Issues

While it is very possible to patch the cracks in your drywall caused by foundation damage, it will only be a temporary solution for your Houston area home.  Foundation issues are long-term problems if not addressed immediately and with the proper foundation repair procedure.  In the long run it will be more work and more money to not solve your slab leveling issues as soon as you notice it.  If your walls are cracking in your home now, chances are good that there may be other underlying issues as well.  Plumbing leaks, foundation cracks, and joist flexing are just a few of the other issues that may be taking place the same time your walls are showing signs of cracking.  If not addressed, these issues will continue to grow.

Cracked Drywall

Why Your Drywall is Cracking.

There are many different factors that can cause the drywall in your home to begin to crack.  Sometimes it may be a new home with hairline cracks caused by natural settling over the first six months after a home is built.  Other times you may have a foundation that is shifting or sinking due to moisture issues in, under, or around the home.  Also, your home may be experiencing up heaving due to tree roots pushing on the bottom of house foundation.  To stop what is causing the cracks you need to first determine the exact source of the issue.  At AAA Foundation Service, we make it our top priority to identify what is causing any type of issue that is causing your repair need and solving for that issue prior to handling the repair.

Why Not Patch the Drywall Now?

Foundation issues always become progressively worse as time goes on.  If you make a repair today to your drywall, it is likely that within a few months that repair will just open again as your foundation continues to move.  Also, by hiding the problem you are allowing additional interior home damage to take place such as cracked flooring and counter tops.

If you find that your cracking is primarily on one side of your home and you repair that damage, you may also face additional damage to the rest of the home as your slab continues to move.  This only adds to the amount of work you must do, and the money spent to do it.  No matter your foundation type, it is best to immediately contact a repair contractor to come and do an evaluation of your home to determine the issues that are taking place.

What Other Signs Should I Look For?

There are many signs of foundation issues in addition to drywall cracking and breaking.  These include both interior and exterior signs.  On the exterior of your home you want to look for any bricks that may be cracking as well as any mortar that may have gaps.  Check around your windows and roof seams for separation as well.  On the interior, check your doors and make sure they open and close correctly.  Also, check your rooms for excess moisture or musty smells.  Sometimes under slab plumbing leaks will cause excess moisture that may go unnoticed for quite some time.

While it is unpleasant to have cracks in your drywall, it is recommended that your first step in addressing the issues that may be causing the cracks is to call in an expert.  If you suspect that your foundation may need repair – do not delay and call AAA Foundation today!  Call the company Houston has trusted for 60 years to perform quality foundation repairs.

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