Tips to Avoid Foundation Moisture Issues

There are quite a few ways to avoid foundation moisture and water drainage issues from taking place around the perimeter of your home.  Below you will find three maintenance tips that will help you avoid issues related to water damage and your foundation.  No matter the type of slab foundation that you have it is a good idea to take preventative measures ahead of time to ensure your foundation stays level.  By doing so, you can potentially avoid future costly foundation problems with your home.  Another thing to remember, if you already have foundation issues AAA Foundation Service offers free estimates to repair the issue.

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Water and your House Foundation

It is imperative to ensure moisture is prevented from accumulating in and around your homes foundation.  When water pools next to your home it can cause the foundation to become saturated and expand.  This water will eventually evaporate in the Texas heat and then your foundation will contract once the moisture is extracted.  This constant expansion and contraction will eventually cause your foundation to shift, bend, flex, and become out of level.  Also, moisture inside of concrete is the number one cause of cracks, which in Texas can also lead to termites entering your home from a location not visible to you during an exterior inspection of your home.

For these reasons, it is important that you do not let any type of water sit around the exterior of your home.  Follow the tips below to protect your slab foundation and keep it healthy for the entire time you are living in your house.

Tip One: Proper Landscape Grade

Make sure your yard is on a slope that is graded away from the foundation of your Houston area home.  The area around your home should be at a peak from the surrounding landscape and it should grade at a minimum of one inch for every 10 ft away from your home.

Tip Two: Install Gutters and Downspout Extensions

Have gutters installed around your home when you first move into it if they are not already there.  You want to be able to channel any water that is coming off your roof away from your foundation as quickly as possible.  Once the gutters are in, we recommend the use of flip-down downspout extensions to move the water farther away from your homes foundation to avoid pooling.

Tip Three: Install a French Drain Around Your Home

Install a French drain around your home, especially if you notice any pooling.  French drains are the less expensive route to go compared to grading your lawn if you have pooling problems.  To ensure proper drainage and avoid moisture getting into your concrete foundation, have a professional irrigation company come out and install a French drain around the perimeter of your home.

Get a Free Foundation Repair Estimate

Call AAA Foundation Service today to have one of our national certified technicians come out to your Houston home and provide you with a free estimate on the health of your homes foundation.  We will look inside and outside your home as well as take grading measurements and look for potential areas of pooling water that may be causing you foundation issues.  Call 713-467-8981 today.

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