Do You Need Your Foundation Repaired

If you’ve just purchased a new home or are considering upgrades for your current residence, it’s crucial to evaluate whether your home’s foundation requires repair. The foundation stands as the cornerstone of your home, offering essential support. Without a solid foundation, your home could become uneven and start sinking. Below, we delve into the significance of your home’s foundation and provide key questions to consider in determining the necessity of foundation repair.

Understanding Your Home's Foundation: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

The foundation of your home is embedded beneath your house, playing a crucial role in supporting and maintaining its levelness. Without a foundation, your house would gradually sink into the earth, leading to structural damage such as cracks. Moreover, the foundation safeguards your home against undue shifts resulting from variations in temperature, soil conditions, changes in water levels, and even minor tectonic shifts beneath the Earth’s crust. It also acts as a barrier against moisture, which can significantly weaken your home’s structural integrity. Given these vital functions, it’s essential to ensure that your foundation remains undamaged. To assist you, here are several methods to detect potential damage to your foundation:

Identifying Issues with Your Home's Foundation

Inspect for noticeable exterior cracks: When surveying your home’s exterior, prominent cracks can become apparent. These significant, zig-zag patterned cracks are indicative of foundational damage. However, minor, hairline cracks often simply reflect the natural settling of your home. Moreover, if you observe cracks in bricks or bricks that jut out, these could signal the need for a foundation inspection.

Observe if nails protrude from drywall: Consistent occurrences of nails emerging from your drywall across different areas might suggest it’s time to evaluate your foundation. This issue arises when your foundation fails to adequately bear the weight of your home, causing a misalignment between the drywall and the structural frame.

Check for interior sheetrock cracks: Examining your home’s interior for cracks that extend almost the full height of a wall, or at the juncture of walls and ceilings, could reveal foundational weaknesses. Persistent issues can result in gradual damage to your home’s sheetrock.

Assess floor evenness: Noticeable variations in your floors’ levelness could point towards a foundational problem. This is often perceptible simply by walking across rooms. In severe cases, an external observation might show one side of the home appearing elevated compared to the other. To further test for uneven floors, conduct a water test by pouring a small amount on the floor to observe its flow direction. Additionally, check for doors that no longer fit their frames correctly, as this can indicate foundational shifts.

Examine for wood deterioration: The presence of decaying wood within your home can significantly indicate foundational issues, potentially due to improper foundation construction or the need for repairs, allowing moisture intrusion and wood rot. Such conditions also heighten the risk of pest infestations, like carpenter ants and termites. A foundation problem may also be suggested by floors that feel unstable or “bounce.”

Inspect gaps around windows and doors: Identifying gaps around window frames or significant spaces around exterior doors, or difficulties in locking doors, can imply a compromised foundation. Faulty foundations might prevent doors from closing smoothly or latching correctly.

Is It Time To Get Your Foundation Repaired?

After reviewing the most common signs that your home’s foundation might be in jeopardy, are you concerned that your foundation could be damaged? It is extremely important for your safety and the safety of those in your home to ensure that your foundation is secure. You now have the knowledge to easily assess whether your foundation requires inspection, and you know precisely who to contact if the answer is affirmative. With AAA Foundation Service, we aim to make the foundation repair process as seamless as possible for you and your family. Be sure to reach out to us for your free quote on addressing your home’s foundation concerns.

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