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Water Drainage Systems Help Avoid Foundation Issues

If you have a problem with poor drainage around your home, invest in a landscaping drainage system.  Having your foundation repaired can be avoided if you solve your drainage issues early in the life of your home. Water drainage systems are very helpful to a homeowner. Water causes flooding, pooling, and soil moisture problems. To protect your home, it is smart to invest in a foundation drainage system so that repairs will not be needed. Over time, water will degrade your foundation and you will need to have it fixed. It is best to avoid these problems by being proactive in your water removal efforts.

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How Drainage Systems Help Foundations

Foundation repair can be avoided by implementing water migration systems. Moving water away from the home will have many benefits to the concrete foundation supporting it. First, moisture that enters a slab foundation can cause degradation to the foundation. The porous nature of concrete allows moisture to easily enter a concrete slab foundation. If moisture begins to degrade your home foundation, you may see signs of cracking and movement.

Heavy moisture in the soil surrounding your home can lead to a condition called “upheaval”. This is noted by the foundation raising itself because of the soil holding more moisture than it can handle.  Typically, you will find a foundation has up heaved in areas where water pools around the foundation.  Due to the extreme weather in Texas, upheaval is a common occurrence. A properly installed drainage system will stop this from happening. If the system is installed early in the home’s life, foundation repair can be avoided all together.

What Type of Drainage System is Best

There are many types of drainage systems available for homeowners in Texas. The system needed depends on what you are experiencing. Gutters and French drains around the perimeter of your home are the best places to start. You may have standing water in other areas around you home that need attention. It is best to get a specialist out to design a system that is tailored to your needs. The main goal of any system is to move the water away from the home, not towards it.

If you have questions about your foundation or water drainage systems, just give us a call. We enjoy having conversations with our clients. You can reach us at 713-467-8981 or send us an email at aaafoundation@hotmail.com.

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