How to Correctly Water Your Foundation

Watering your foundation is something that every homeowner should do, especially for those that own a home in the Houston area. This summer we have seen dramatic drought conditions, and this type of weather can cause major damage to a home foundation. For most homeowners, watering a foundation is not something that is common knowledge, however, it can have major benefits and potentially save a lot of money in foundation repairs. Now that we know that you should be watering your foundation, let’s have a look at how you should go about doing so.

Foundation Watering

How Do You Water Your Foundation

There are three main ways to ensure you properly water your foundation throughout the year. First, you can manually water your foundation with a standard garden hose. This process is the most tedious, and during the summer this process will expose the homeowner to the harsh environment of the area. Second, you can use a soaking type of hose set on a time and placed around your home foundation to accomplish the task. Lastly, the most common way to ensure the soil that surrounds your home stays moist is to have a landscaping company install a sprinkler system. You want to make sure that the company addresses the home foundation in their design.

How Often Should Your Foundation Be Watered

You want to ensure that you create a watering schedule for your foundation that maximizes the water you will be using. This includes taking into account the time of day of the watering as well as which part of the home will be facing the sun first thing in the morning. It is recommended to water the perimeter of your home for roughly 20 minutes each day when temperatures are under 100 degrees. This increases to 30 minutes a day for temperatures over 100 degrees. While you do not want to excessively water around your foundation, you do want to ensure that the soil is holding the moisture. A quick inspection of the soil that surrounds your foundation will tell you if the amount of water is proper. If the soil is pulled away from the concrete slab you will want to increase the watering time.

Plan Accordingly

If you have been a resident of Houston for a long time, then you already know the weather can be crazy. During the summer you want to ensure you are not setting your water to run during the day as a large percentage of water will evaporate. Similarly, while we do not often experience freezing temperatures it is important to ensure your system does is not running during a winter freeze. As a homeowner, you should have a solid watering plan in place and if you are already experiencing foundation issues, give us a call today and have our certified specialists out to your home to provide a free inspection of your slab foundation.

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