Preventing Soil Erosion

When the weather elements of Texas wear away at the topsoil and cause the underlying dirt to be exposed, soil erosion is taking place. Soil erosion is a naturally occurring activity that is found happening across the country. When the soil erodes around your home, foundation issues can begin to surface.  Also, soil erosion can be caused by a homeowner, landscape contractor or even extreme weather conditions. Learn about how each of these situations are caused and how to prevent them.

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The Impact of Soil Erosion

A DIY homeowner can create soil composition issues on their own by removing shrubs, grass, plants and trees. These landscape features protect the topsoil. Without a protective topsoil layer in place, the ground underneath has a difficult time attracting and keeping any moisture. Because of this, the earth around the home can easily expand and contract. This places an enormous amount of pressure on your home foundation.  Continuous stress on your foundation will ultimately lead to cracking. If left untreated, you might experience problems with your roof, chimney, walls, flooring and doors.

Landscaping contractors focus on the visual appeal of the exterior of your home and structural systems they put in place. Most landscape contractors are not aware of the effects their actions may have on the soil. If you have a tree removed from the ground, eventually the root system below the surface will die. Once this occurs the soil will erode. Now, think of this on a different scale. If you have several shrubs removed from around the perimeter of your home and the root system is not backfilled, once again there is an opportunity for soil to erode and your foundation to shift.

Last, the extreme weather in the Houston area is great at eroding the topsoil if someone does not take proper precautions to prevent it. Flash flooding rains and periods of extreme drought all impact the condition of the soil surrounding your home. Ensuring that water moves away from your home when it is raining and moisture is kept in the soil during the Summer months are just a few ways to slow the effects caused by the Texas weather.

How to Prevent Soil Erosion

A great way to ensure you do not experience soil erosion is to properly landscape the area surrounding your home. This starts by ensuring that the grade of your property moves away from your home at a minimum of one inch for every ten feel. Also, strategically planted bushes and trees can help hold the topsoil in place. Also, if you home is built on any hill, or has dramatically sloping landscaping line, you want to place mesh netting inside the soil to help keep it stable and stop it from naturally moving with gravity over time.  Last, the best thing you can do to ensure that soil erosion does not affect your foundation is to inspect your home property each year.

If you feel you may be experiencing any adverse effects to your home foundation, you should have a professional foundation inspection completed by AAA Foundation Service. We have been working with slab foundation repair clients for over 55 years. We provide free, no-obligation estimates to homeowners. Contact us today: 713-467-8981.

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