How Long Does It Take to Repair a Foundation?

There are four main driving factors that impact the time needed to perform a foundation repair on a concrete slab home.

1. The extent of the damage to the homes foundation. A house that has been sitting with a needed repair to the foundation for many years will take longer to fix than one that had the issues addressed immediately. The more out-of-level that home is, the longer it will take to fix.

2. The size of the foundation that needs to be repaired. If your home is less than 1000 sq. ft. it will take less time than a home that is 4,000 sq. ft. Additionally, it will require less material to complete the job

3. The number of piers that need to be installed. It is possible that a home with a foundation issue will not need piers to be placed all around the perimeter. In some cases one side of a home may be upheaved while the other is sinking or one side of the home may not be impacted at all. In rare cases only a few piers may be needed to fix a portion of the home. The best way to find out the number of piers needed is by calling AAA Foundation Service out to perform a complimentary foundation inspection.

4. The number of tunneling and interior piers needed to complete the repair. Installing piers inside of the home requires breaking through the foundation and any flooring that lies above it. This work is delicate, requires patching and must be done while protecting the home. Typically interior pilings take 2-3 times longer to install than exterior piers. Also, in some cases it may be more logical to tunnel under the home. This can add additional time as well.

All of the factors listed above are taken into considering during a foundation repair. The necessity of any of these individual items can only be determined with a professional foundation inspection. Contact us today at 713-467-8981 to schedule your FREE INSPECTION today.