Cost of Foundation Repair in Houston

To properly calculate what a foundation repair will cost to complete in the Houston area, a foundation specialist must do a proper assessment of a slab foundation’s current performance.  There are many factors involved when it comes to providing cost estimates for foundation repair in Houston.  Everything from the soil composition, moisture type, landscaping features and irrigation control must be considered.  Below are just a few things that are looked at when determining the cost of slab leveling in the Houston area.  If you suspect that your home’s foundation may be experiencing trouble, give us a call today!

Foundation Repair Estimates

In cities such as Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Spring, and Friendswood, the cost of repairing a foundation can only be determined by a qualified and certified foundation repair contractor.  There are several variables that go into each foundation inspection and estimate.  The average cost for foundation repair in Houston is approximately $4,500. The cost of foundation repair in Houston varies based on the cause and home size. Small foundation repairs can cost as low as $500-$1,000 to fix cracks due to minor settling issues. Once an expert does a full evaluation of your home and the current foundation issues, it will be much easier to give you an estimate that is closer to what you as a property owner would need to pay.  An average sized home of 2000 sq. ft. will sometimes need 20 to 30 piers around the exterior, and more may be needed on the interior of the home as well.  A home that is experiencing foundation issues on only one side of the home may need as little as six to ten piers.

Final charges for any type of foundation repair cannot be provided until a full assessment has been completed on your home’s foundation.  Prices in the areas between Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Spring, and Friendswood average between $3500-$10000 for most foundation repairs.

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    Texas Built Homes

    Many homes in Texas are built on soils that expand and contract.  This type of soil can wreak havoc on your house foundation over a period of years.  The ground around and under your home can swell up and cause cracking in your slab and your walls.  If your home was built without properly compacting the soil prior to your foundation being poured, your home could be affected as well.

    Homes in the Houston area are different and have experienced different types of movement and shifting.  The best way to properly address your specific needs is to get a certified foundation specialist to look at your foundation, provide you with a detailed explanation of what repairs your slab may need and a detailed plan to provide those repairs at the best possible price.  Give AAA Foundation Service a call today and let us put your home back on solid ground.

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    To prevent costly and invasive problems, be sure to have your foundation inspected regularly for signs of trouble. For more information about what will happen during a foundation inspection, feel free to call the professionals at AAA Foundation Service.

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