Expansive Clay Soil in Houston

It is nearly impossible to predict how soil will shift and move over time. While most contractors and builders would love to have perfectly level soil conditions, rarely does it exist. Truth be told, the soil in Houston with the large clay content in different areas of the city can expand and contract more than your standard soil types. One example of this can be found with clay soil that has a high moisture content. This type of soil can expand at three times the rate of soil that does not contain clay. There are a few ways you can help your home rest on level ground and prevent foundation repairs if you do live in an area with a high concentration of clay in the soil.

Landscaping and Retaining Wall at a Residential Home

Install a Drainage System

Your home’s foundation can have a large amount of pressure put on it by the expansion of clay soil. Over time, your foundation can bend, shift and in some cases crack from this expansive soil. Cracks in your foundation will leave it open to even more water damage and some cases this will create an inlet for termites. A great way to keep this from taking place is to move moisture away from your home with a properly installed drainage system. My moving water away from your home through a gutter and drainage system you can help alleviate the amount of water that is being pushed into the soil around your home.

Properly Grade Your Landscape

The fact remains that it is impossible to stop moisture from moving into your soil, however, you can ensure that the water that does make its way to the ground does not pool around your home. When landscaping your yard you want to ensure that the grade slopes away from your home and directs all mositure in the same direction. If you have an existing lawn that is graded improperly, you may think about taking action now to get it graded at a slope away from your home. Especially if you have any type of pooling water.

More Information Available

These are just a few small ways that you can get started on ensuring that your clay soil does not cause foundation problems for your home down the road. Learning how to move water away from your home and stopping it from settling in your yard is a great way to really start to learn about how your foundation works. If you want to learn more about your soil type, call the foundation experts at AAA Foundation Service today at 713-467-8981.

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