When to Make Home Repairs After Foundation Leveling

AAA Foundation Service has repaired over 10,000 homes in the Houston area. A vast majority of these homes had internal structure issues prior to having their foundation repaired. Fixing the foundation issues are the first step prior to addressing any other problems you home may face because of slab issues. The most common structural issues we see inside a home that needs foundation repair are sheet rock cracking and out-of-plane door and window frames. These two issues occur most often due to the framework of the home, shifting.

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When Can I Make a Repair

There is no set time frame on when you can make repairs to your home after having your foundation leveled. There is additional settling time that takes place after your slab foundation has been brought back to level. This can take anywhere from one week, up to a few months sometimes.  Wait at least four weeks to make any repairs if you home was raised less than 1.5 inches at any given point. If your home was raised more than a few inches, we recommend you wait at least 8 weeks before making repairs to the interior structure of your home. The last thing you want to do is repair the interior of your home the day after your foundation is repaired. This will only lead to additional work a few weeks down the road as the framework of your home rests back into position.

What Should I Repair First

You might want to jump right in and fix your sheetrock and doors, however, we suggest you start with the exterior of the home. Look around your home for any areas that may have shifted prior to the repair or have shifted since the repair. The pinnacles of the home are typically where gaps may have formed because of the foundation movement.  These areas should be secured first to ensure that moisture does not enter the home after the repair is complete. Look around the exterior of your home for any cracked mortar and separated window joints that need to be sealed. Once you have secured the exterior of your home, then you should move inside and make repairs once you have waited for your home to settle back into its original position.

If you suspect that your home has foundation damage give AAA Foundation Service a call today. We offer free homeowner foundation inspections and our team is certified in foundation repair. We have been serving Houston for over 60 years and we are masters in our field.

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