What Does a Foundation Repair Warranty Cover?

When making a comparison between foundation repair companies, it is important to remember that not all the foundation repair warranties are the same. Even when companies are located in the same city and state, the coverage that they offer may differ greatly from one another. We have taken time to put together some important questions you should ask before hiring a foundation repair contractor in the Houston area regarding the warranty on their work. It is important to have all the correct information before letting any company begin work on one of the most important items of your home.

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Workmanship and Materials

In Houston it is common for a foundation repair warranty to cover all the parts and labor needed if a foundation needs to be adjusted for warranty purposes. In most cases, the policies will offer lifetime protection to the original home owner and will be transferrable to any new home owners that take over the property after the repair.

Although it is common to have this type of coverage, you must carefully review the policy in wiring to understand what clauses might be in place that make the contract void. There are common clauses that make up some foundation repair warranties; we have listed the most common clauses below:

Changes in Home Owners: Most warranties offer lifetime transferable protection on the original repair. However, changes in the home’s owner do not automatically transfer over.  Typically, the original contract is between the initial home owner and the foundation repair company. When a new owner takes over a property, most foundation policies require contacting the company within 30 days of the title transfer of the home. A small fee may also apply to this transaction. If the selling or purchasing party does not initiate the transfer inside of the time frame, the policy becomes void.

Major Home Alterations: If any major home alterations are completed after they have made a foundation repair to a home, it may void the warranty. If you plan on making an addition to the home after the repair, it is advisable to find out if the warranty will be void. Major structural changes can sometimes place added stress on a home foundation and void the foundation repair warranty.

Acts of God: In Houston we have our share of extreme weather situations. This typically causes soil erosion and displacement. This is almost always covered under and foundation repair warranty and is one of the main reasons that a foundation fails.  Earthquakes, flooding, and fires may not be covered.

Water Damage: Some policies will cover water damage from flooding. They will typically have a clause regarding proactive measures taken to ensure that water is not settling around the home. Be sure to select a foundation repair company that can provide you with details surrounding their policy and water damage.

Cost, Time & Responsiveness

Costs: There should be no direct cost to you as the contract holder. As long as no alterations have been made to the home, and the warranty has not been made void due to any of the above-listed items. There may be secondary costs that you incur due to the work that must be performed to make a repair. This may include landscaping costs and refinishing work due to the location of the piers.

Time:  Most foundation repair work is completed in one day. On a larger repair it can take up to three days to make a repair. It depends on the scope of the original work, the size of the home, and the extent of the needed repair. In Houston it is not uncommon to have a wait time of a few weeks to perform a repair.

Responsiveness: Contacting the original foundation company should be hassle free and straightforward. You should receive a same-day response when calling to alert them to your issue.  Sometimes during the holiday season and on weekends, it may take several days to get a response.

Easily Selecting a Foundation Repair Company

It is difficult reading over every foundation repair policy from the companies you are considering performing your repair. Foundation trouble is common in the Houston area and the age of the internet has provided an easy means for consumers to gather feedback on repair contractors. To help you save time, we recommend that you only search out companies that have a great track record of client services. Look for the following in a repair contractor:

– A minimum of 20 years of experience.

– Certification by the National Foundation Repair Association.

– Has a clear online presence of quality work. 4+ star Google Reviews and A+ Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

A warranty will only be as strong and the company that stands behind it. You do not want to be fooled by a company that is here today and gone tomorrow. AAA Foundation Services is Houston Strong! Trust us to perform your repair with quality materials and workmanship. Call us for a free no-obligation repair estimate. 713-467-8981

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