Four Common Foundation Repair Mistakes Made by Homeowners

1. Landscaping large trees and plants too close to your home foundation.

Everyone wants their home to look nice, however, planting trees and large plants too close to your foundation can be a major hazard to your foundation. Trees and plants need moisture to survive and they acquire this moisture through their roots. As the root system develops and grows, it will crawl under your foundation and begin to slowly remove the moisture that is supporting the structure. If the soil is already naturally dry do to insufficient watering and high temperatures, this can be a major hazard. The soil will begin to contract and eventually lead to cracking and more. In addition, the root system of a large tree can push on your foundation in an upward motion causing it to move and crack.

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2. Not maintaining a sufficient level of moisture around your home.

This is the most common error that homeowners often make regarding their foundation health. It is critical that you do not let your Houston area home dry out. It does not take much effort to ensure that during the dry summer season your soil stays moist. Setting up sprinklers or soaker hoses on timers around your home is a simple and cheap way to provide moisture for your homes soil. If you do deplete the moisture in your soil it will condense and allow your home foundation to sink.

3. Not having proper drainage around your home.

Just like having too little water in the soil surrounding your home is bad, having too much water in the soil is just as bad. Most homes are built with a properly graded landscape, however, over time your landscape can shift and move. Water will no longer move away from your home. Water will begin to pool up around your lawn. If this happens the soil will become saturated with water and can heave your foundation up along with it. When the soil dries it will once again lower. This up-and-down motion will eventually lead to a crack in the foundation and issues inside of your home.

4. Not contacting a foundation repair contractor at the first sign of trouble.

There are a lot of homeowners that have problems with their foundation in the Houston area. If you notice signs of trouble with your foundation or you suspect that you may have an issue, contact a local foundation contractor immediately. Foundation problems are progressive and will only get worse with time. It may start with cracking or an uneven floor but can eventually lead to roofing issues and plumbing issues.

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