Foundation Repair and Landscaping

If you are having foundation issues, you may be wondering how the contractor goes about making repairs. In this article, we will discuss how your landscaping may be impacted during a foundation repair.

Having a well landscaped lawn is a great way to ensure that you minimize impacts to your home foundation. This includes placing shrubbery in specific locations and ensuring that the area that surrounds your home is properly graded to shed water away from your foundation. Most people however, use landscaping as a way to create a beautiful yard. Foundation repair will have a minimal impact to your landscaped environment.

Foundation Repair Landscaping

How Does Foundation Repair Impact Landscaping

Truth be told, most homeowners are not proactive when it comes to foundation maintenance. Homeowners should ensure that they are performing yearly inspections of their home foundation to stop major issues before they start. Due to the lack of maintenance, most foundation inspections we perform require the placement of concrete piers beneath the home. The installation of these piers does require a 2’x2’ hole to be dug at the base of the home foundation and will impact the landscaping of the home. The placement of the piers is typically mapped out ahead of time and reviewed with the homeowner during the initial inspection to ensure that the areas impacted are discussed prior to making any repairs.

How is Landscape Damaged Minimized During the Repair Process

Trees and Shrubs: If a large tree is impacting the foundation we recommend hiring a professional tree company to come in and remove the tree and as much of the root system as possible. For smaller trees and shrubbery, the technicians will remove them from the earth, place them away from the work area, surround the root system with soil and attempt to keep it moist during the entire process.

Flower Beds and Plantings: If a pier needs to be placed in an area where a flowers and/or plants have been placed, the technician will typically ask the homeowner to temporarily relocate them to another area. If the technician arrives and there is still greenery in the digging area, they will take every precaution to carefully remove the plantings, however, they will not relocate them during the foundation repair process.

Lawn: During the foundation repair process, the lawn will be covered by 4’x8’ pieces of plywood for dirt to be placed onto. This is also the area in which the technician will stand and sit while they are working. The use of plywood instead of tarps ensures that there is little movement of the underlayment while the work is progressing. The less movement, the less damage is done to the lawn.

What Is Next

If you notice the early signs of foundation issues you should call us right away. It is ALWAYS better to address foundation issues sooner rather than later. By being proactive you will save yourself time and money, so start by getting in touch with a company that specializes in foundation repairs in Houston. Give us a call today at 713-467-8981

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