The Myths and Facts of Foundation Repair

There are many misconceptions when it comes to foundation leveling. Here are four myths and facts surrounding this topic that should help clear up some confusion.

MYTH: Foundation repair will decrease the overall value of the home.

FACT: When a home foundation is repaired by a professional it will carry a lifetime warranty and the work will be guaranteed. In the Houston area, it is not if a foundation will fail at some point, it is a matter of when. Most prospective buyers of a home would appreciate the fact that they will not have to worry about the home foundation in the future.

Facts and Myths of Foundation Repair

MYTH: Repairing a home foundation will cause additional problems throughout the home.

FACT: When foundation repairs are completed in the correct manner, the homes overall structure will be realigned. There may be some cosmetic cracks that appear in drywall and some doors may need adjustment after foundation repair. Overall, the stress being placed upon the home will be lessened which will save you from having more catastrophic issues down the road.


MYTH: Foundation repair will make a home perfectly level.

FACT: No structure is built to perfectly level specifications. There are many factors that go into a home foundation and when a foundation repair is completed the home will be within 7/10 of an inch to perfectly level.


MYTH: Foundation repair will leave holes under my home.

FACT: While there will be a minor gap under your home, the areas that piers have been placed in will be back-filled with dirt. Over time, any additional gaps will be filled by natural weather patters. In lifts over 3″ you should have mud packing completed in areas were voids are left to ensure the home is properly supported.

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