Foundation Damage Caused by Water Drainage Issues

From hurricanes to droughts, there are many different things that can have an impact on your home’s foundation. One of the most damaging, is water that does not properly drain. If you have too much water surrounding your foundation, the soil may swell. If you have too little water surrounding your foundation, the soil may shrink. When swelling and shrinking of the soil takes place it can cause cracking and movement in your home’s slab foundation which can lead to the need to have your foundation repaired. The type of soil in the Houston area, which is high in clay, is very susceptible to this type of expansion and contraction.

The climate in Houston is unforgiving when it comes to the amount of moisture that we experience each year as well. In 2017 Houston experienced 79 inches of rainfall including Harvey. In 2018 Houston experienced 58 inches of rainfall. With these types of weather conditions taking place, it is important to have a proper system in place for drainage surrounding your home.

French Drain Near Foundation

Protect Your Home Foundation From Water Damage

While we do experience a great amount of rainfall in the area, there are other natural disasters that could provide us with a much harsher environment. Thankfully, preventing water from impacting your home foundation is very simple if executed by a professional. One may think that they can take a do-it-yourself approach to creating and implementing a proper drainage system, however, there are many factors that go into ensuring the system is effective and long lasting.

The cost to implement a proper drainage system is much less expensive than having your home’s foundation repaired. At AAA Foundation Service we recommend the following items to ensure you are properly maintaining your moisture level around your concrete slab foundation.

Gutters: Gutters allow you to channel the water from your roof to exact locations around your home.

French Drains: The run-off from your gutters should go directly into your French drain system. This should lead to the curb and out to the road.

Sprinkler System: During the Summer months where we experience little to no rain, a sprinkler system can put moisture back into the ground and ensure that the soil to not experience excessive shrinking.

Avoiding Costly Foundation Repairs

Water issues that are left unaddressed around your home can grow beyond your control. The rainfall in Houston continues to reach unprecedented level. Fixing your water drainage today is usually much less costly than repairing your foundation later. If you want to learn more about water control for foundation maintenance give us a call at 714-467-8989, email us at, or use the contact form on our website.

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