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Foundation Cracks Always Need Repair

Cracks in concrete slabs can cause foundation damage to your home.  They are a very common issue in the Houston area and should be repaired if found.  Truth be told, cracks are probably one of the most common signs of a slab that is need of repair.  If you happen to notice that the crevices that were once small have grown, even just a bit, it is probably time to call in a Certified Slab Concrete Specialist to inspect what is going on.  Cracks in a foundation that are not addressed can lead to much larger issues in the long run.  Call AAA Foundation Service today at 713-467-8981 to have one of our certified technicians come to your home and provide you details of what is actually taking place with your house foundation.

Four Way Crack of Concrete

Slab Cracks Equal Foundation Damage

Cracks in a slab foundation is one of the first signs of a foundation issue.  These small and large fractures will induce further deterioration by creating a multitude of other issues.  First and foremost, if you have a crack in your foundation, depending on the size, it means your foundation is no longer level.  If you have noticed that the gap is continuing to grow, your foundation is continuing to move.  This movement is a critical factor that suggests the need for a foundation repair immediately.  If the crack has grown into a crevice and you can feel your slab is out of level, the situation could actually be dangerous in some cases.  There is no better time than now to reach out to AAA Foundation Service and set up time to have your foundation inspected by a professional.

Fix Your Foundation and End Your Issue

Breaks in your foundation can be caused by many things in the Houston area.  The moisture in the soil level is one of the many factors that goes into why you may be seeing cracks in your foundation.  These fractures will continue to cause your foundation to move, shift, and heave.  By investing in a professional company to come and repair your foundation you are ending any issues that are taking place today while making sure future issues do not arise.  Homeowners in the Houston area of require slab foundation repair for cracks.  It is an immediate fix for the problems that are causing the issues to your foundation.  Having your foundation secured properly will allow the home to rest more secure over the course of time.

Five Minute Foundation Fix

To stop your foundation from shifting and cracking perform the following task over the course of five minutes:

– Head outside and being to look at where your foundation meets your home. Inspect for any signs of damage including small cracks and broken concrete.

– Pick up your phone and contact a foundation repair specialist to come out to your home and provide a free estimate on what it would take to repair your foundation.

– Water your slab foundation on a regular basis.

– Install a gutter system and drainage system.

– Have your foundation repaired.

There are many things that can cause foundation issues.  Hire the professionals at AAA Foundation Service to come out to your home and explain what issues are facing your home.  713-467-8981.

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