Can You Fix Your Home Foundation Yourself?

In today’s society, people are often encouraged to take on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. With inspiration from lifestyle TV shows, vlog tutorials, and magazine articles, we’re motivated to make and fix things on our own. This trend is particularly noticeable in home improvement projects.

We assemble furniture kits, fix leaky faucets, and mend broken furniture without needing extra help. These activities are great because they help us save money and boost our confidence in handling home repairs.

However, dealing with foundation problems is a different story. The stakes are much higher, so it’s crucial to hire highly qualified professionals for foundation repairs instead of attempting to do it yourself.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

Water: Water is the most common cause of soil swelling and shrinking, leading to foundation movement. This can impact the home’s foundation significantly. During events like floods and earthquakes, plumbing can be damaged, causing leaks that contribute to foundation problems.

Soil Content: Properties with a high clay content need regular checks. Clay absorbs large amounts of water, which can cause it to expand and create foundation issues. When clay soil dries out, it can crack. During the rainy season, the soil absorbs water more quickly, leading to swelling and exposing the home to foundation damage.

Inadequate Drainage: Poor drainage can cause water to pool around a building, making the foundation shift. This can result in concrete cracks, sagging roofs, uneven floors, and broken sewer pipes.

Is DIY Foundation Repair a Good Idea?

No, DIY foundation repair is not a good idea, even though it might be cheaper than hiring professionals. Fixing foundation issues should be left to the experts.

For smaller projects like repainting walls or changing flooring, it’s perfectly fine to do these DIY tasks. You can also take some preventative foundation maintenance steps yourself, such as using a drip hose.

However, the consequences of foundation damage can be severe, potentially leading to the collapse of the house. This is not something an average homeowner can manage on their own.

Why You Should Leave Foundation Repair to the Certified Specialists

Additional Property Damage Imagine trying to fix a sagging roof on your own, climbing to the top of your house. This could cause the roof to collapse, putting you at serious risk of injury. DIY foundation repair can lead to similar outcomes, potentially causing more damage to your home.

You might misunderstand an instruction or make a mistake during the foundation repair process. It’s much wiser to hire a foundation repair expert.

Improper Equipment Foundation repair may sound straightforward on paper. DIY foundation repair companies often market their products well, making it seem like fixing your foundation is easy.

However, most foundation repairs require specialized tools and equipment that you probably don’t have in your garden shed.

For instance, a hydraulic lifting system might be necessary to provide heavy support during excavation. If you’re not involved in heavy-duty work, you’re unlikely to own such equipment.

Lack of Ability to Spot Foundation Failure While it’s easy to find information online about signs of foundation issues, such as sticky doors, uneven flooring, wall cracks, and sagging roofs, knowing when these issues become serious problems is more challenging. Only structural experts can accurately assess the severity of foundation issues. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to determine the safety level of your building’s foundation.

Compromising Your Home Value Attempting a DIY foundation repair might end up reducing your home’s value. If you decide to sell your home, a buyer might hire a home inspector to evaluate the property.

You likely won’t be able to hide your DIY foundation repair work. The home inspector will be able to tell if the repair was done professionally or not, which can lead to a lower price negotiation for your home.

Costly in the Long Run Attempting to fix a foundation issue on your own doesn’t guarantee that you’ve resolved the problem. If the foundation issue persists, you’ll eventually need to call a foundation expert. The professional might even have to correct your DIY repair work.

This can result in additional expenses. To truly save money, it’s best to let a foundation specialist handle the job efficiently from the start.

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    The Bottom Line

    Some property owners consider DIY property repairs despite the inherent risks. In an effort to save money, they may think DIY foundation repair is a cost-effective solution to foundation problems.

    However, as mentioned earlier, this approach can end up being more expensive. To save your time and effort, it’s best to go directly to foundation repair specialists.

    If you’re looking for reliable and dedicated foundation repair experts, contact AAA Foundation Service. With over 60 years of experience, we provide cost-effective foundation repair solutions.

    We ensure your home’s foundation remains solid, secure, and stable. Our prices are reasonable, and we deliver exemplary service. Our solutions are built to last.

    Don’t hesitate to call us at 713-476-8981 for more information. We offer free foundation inspections by a certified professional.

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