The Five Step Process to Foundation Repair

The five step foundation repair process is a common industry process for placing piers under your home’s foundation. The method has been around for years and is in practice wherever slab foundations can be found. Before you sign on with a foundation contractor, educate yourself around this process so you know exactly what to ask before you make your selection. This repair process is fairly simple to understand and we do our best to break it down in simple steps. While foundation repair can be a daunting task to have to deal with, at AAA Foundation Service we work to make it simple and easy for every homeowner we work with. Read about the five step process below and know that we are always on the other end of the phone if you have any questions.

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The Five Steps Used to Secure a Slab Foundation

Step 1: Preparing to complete the work. The contractors at AAA Foundation Service will begin their work be properly securing the work area and ensuring that your home is protected and safe. They will lay down tarps over any special plantings or landscaping that needs to be protected. They will then drop sheets of plywood in the location that each hole is to be dug to support the dirt that is going to be temporarily removed. Also, they will lay down tarps from the entrance of your home to any locations that may need interior piers as well. Lastly, all of the materials needed are brought to the dig locations as the preparations are complete.

Step 2: Digging out the area around the foundation where the piers and pilings are to be placed. The next thing that takes place after the preparation is the actually digging of the earth beneath the foundation. If you do require interior piers there may be a breakout that needs to occur inside of your home. Hole will be dug in all locations that will need piers placed. All digging is done by hand unless there is a structure over where the hole needs to be, in some cases a small jack hammer may be used. Step two is the most labor intensive portion of the project and can take up to one or two days depending on the size of the project.

Step 3: Lifting of the Houston area home’s foundation. In step three the concrete piers that are used to stabilize the foundation are added underneath the home. If you only have exterior piers then there is no entry into your home necessary. Piers are placed into each of the holes that were dug under your home and hand jack is then placed onto the pier. The jack uses the weight of your home to press the pier into the ground. The piers are pressed simultaneously into the ground to ensure even weight distribution of your slab foundation. Every quarter to half inch measurements are taken as the home is being raised to ensure proper height. Once the proper height is achieved steel shims are placed on top of the concrete piers to finish off the repair process.

Step 4: Final measurements and hole filling. The fourth stage in the process involves the foreman coming into your home and taking a final measurement to ensure that the home is level across all points. Once this is complete, the contractors begin placing the dirt back into the holes which it came out of. In some cases water will be used to ensure the soil is compacted as possible. No matter how much packing is done to soil after it is back filled, there is a good chance at the first rain these holes will sink in a bit. This is common and most foundation repair companies in Houston will let you know to call them so they can come out and fix the issue.

Step 5: Cleaning up. The final stage in the process is the cleaning of the area that was worked in. If work was done inside the home the contractor will remove all materials that were placed for protection, sweep and mop the area in which they worked. Outside all of the tarps, plywood, and debris will be removed from around the residence. Plants will be re-potted if necessary and all of the work areas will be sprayed clean.

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Repairing your foundation with the method listed above does take some time, however, having your foundation repaired should not be something that you delay acting upon. If you are showing any type of signs that you may have a foundation issue with your home and need your foundation fixed, give AAA Foundation Services of Houston a call today at 713-467-8981.

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