Concrete Piers for Foundation Repair

There is a reason that the number one foundation repair system for residential homes are concrete piers; they work great.  Concrete pilings are strong, durable, and highly effective at the task of leveling a home.  Concrete piers stand the test of time when it comes to making sure that a home stays even and level through all types of external factors.  Not surprisingly, concrete is the most commonly used material that is manufactured in the entire world.  Concrete is used for many different things that we come across daily such as sidewalks, roads, building construction and foundation piers.  The material can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure at any given time and is able to properly secure any and all Houston area homes.  Concrete piers are the best option when it comes to securing a home on a concrete slab foundation.

Foundation Repair Piers

Why Concrete Piers Work

One of the reasons why Houston area homeowners choose concrete foundation support piers is because they can hold up to copious amounts of pressure.  These piers are thick supports that are pressed together to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure.  They are carefully crafted and engineered to be used specifically underneath a home for support.  When a proper certified technician is using a concrete piling you can be sure that they will create a very stable environment for your home.  Since concrete is such a strong force it is easily able to penetrate the tough clay environment that can be found in the surrounding areas of Houston.  Also, using steel rebar you can ensure that they stay aligned while they are being pressed into the earth underneath your home and will stay straight for a long time.

Best Piers for Foundation Repair

There are a wide variety of piers on the market used for residential foundation leveling and repair, however, concrete pilings are the most widely used.  This is due to the fact that foundation contractors and repair specialists throughout the country know that they are the best for the job.  Also, concrete is readily available across the world and as such allows for a much more cost effective long term solution for home owners.  If you are showing signs of a shifting concrete slab contact AAA Foundation Service today and let us come to your home to provide a free estimate.  We are nationally certified and experts in our field.  Call Today!  713-467-8981.

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