Buying a Home with a Previous Foundation Repair

Whether or not you should purchase a home that had a foundation repair in Houston previously completed is an easy decision if you know what questions you should be asking. Honestly, you are in a better place knowing that the home has already had the foundation worked on assuming that the company that did the work was nationally certified to do so.

The process of buying a home can seem overwhelming all on its own, adding a previous foundation repair into the mix only adds to the anxiety in some cases.  You can rest assured though, once you read through this post you will have all of the answers you need to successfully navigate a home purchase that had previous work done on the foundation.

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What You Need to Know About Buying a House with a Previous Foundation Issue

All home foundations settle over time. In many areas of the country, especially in Houston that has plenty of clay soil mixed in with extreme heat and humid conditions, the shifting of the soil can be more problematic. Clay soil is very susceptible to the expansion and contraction that different types of weather brings. As a result, home foundations may shift little by little over the years. Over a longer period of time this may become noticeable in a home that has already had previous foundation work completed. The underpinning that was previously completed will shift as well and will sink further into the ground. Not all of the piers of the foundation will sink at the same rate though, so eventually the house may come out of level once again. If you are purchasing a home in the Houston area we strongly recommend ensuring that you know who completed the previous foundation work and when it was done. Also, it is important to ask if the previous work has any type of transferable warranty attached to it.

Is the Drainage of the Home the Cause of the Previous Foundation Issues?

If the home you are looking at purchasing has drainage issues or plumbing leaks under the slab the large amount of moisture around the home could be the cause of the original foundation problem. In order to ensure that you will not have any future issues you want to ensure a proper drainage system is in place with the home you are going to purchase. You also want to ensure the proper moisture IS kept in the soil. A home with a sprinkler system is a great idea, especially in the Houston area, to ensure your home’s landscaping contains sufficient moisture levels.

Previous Foundation Repair Is Good News

The main reason that purchasing a Houston area home that has had previous foundation work from extreme shifts in soil is that most of the hard work has been completed. The home’s foundation has already been underpinned with piers and has been placed on more stable ground. The cost associated with that has been the burden of a previous home owner and you are saving thousands of dollars by not having to have the service performed yourself. Of course, this is only beneficial if the company that performed the work was certified, licensed, and insured in the state that they performed the work. You do want to ensure the work was done by a company that offers a lifetime warrant on their work.

How Do You Know If a Home Had Foundation Work Done Previously?

The easiest step is to ask the current homeowner or their real estate agent. In Texas this should also be listed on the sellers disclosure document that must accompany all property sales in the state. Also, you do want to ensure that you have a home inspection completed by a reliable source inside of the Houston area.

If the property is damage and you need a source to fix the foundation and make the necessary repairs, call AAA Foundation Service today. We are always glad to answer any questions you may have and discuss what foundation issues you might be facing. Call us at 713-467-8981.

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