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Construction Tools on a Table
How Long Should You Wait to Repair Your Home After Foundation Leveling
AAA Foundation Service has repaired over 10,000 homes in the Houston area. A vast majority of these homes had internal structure issues prior to having their foundation repaired. Fixing the ...
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Home For Sale Before Foundation Inspection
How Foundation Damage Impacts Home Loans
If you are planning on purchasing a home, you should have the foundation inspected by a certified professional or an engineer.  If foundation repair is needed you may have a ...
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Magnifying Glass with "Inspection" inside of it.
3 Reasons to Have a Foundation Inspection Completed
If you have discovered what you believe is foundation damage in or around your home, you should be curious what might be causing it. You might see cracking walls or ...
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Image of Soil Layers
Prevent Soil Erosion From Damaging Your Home Foundation
When the weather elements of Texas wear away at the topsoil and cause the underlying dirt to be exposed, soil erosion is taking place. Soil erosion is a naturally occurring ...
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Sun over a parched desert
Summer Heat & Foundation Damage
Heat is an issue for concrete slab foundations during the Summer months. Homeowners in the Houston area have experienced extreme Summer temperatures for many years, especially during the 2015 drought ...
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Calendar with Pen
Reasons to Address Foundation Issues Early
Often a homeowner will prioritize any repairs that need to be made to their home by how soon they need to be handled. If a pipe in your wall bursts ...
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House of Tools
Spring Home Improvement Projects
Return-on-investment is a term that most people associate with stocks, bonds and Wall Street. That could not be farther from the truth. As a homeowner, you want to get more ...
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Tools Sharped Like a House
How to Find the Best Foundation Company
Foundation repairs are one of the most critical and most important of all home repairs. It is critical to choose a qualified and trustworthy contractor to perform your repair. How ...
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Person Using Voice Recognition Function On Mobile Phone
Foundation Repair Near Me
With technology constantly evolving, it is easy to ask Alexa or Google to find a foundation company located near you.  In theory, that sounds like a nice thing to be ...
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Man checking a home holding a clip board
Inspecting Your Home’s Foundation
If you suspect that your home's slab foundation may be in need of repair, a visual inspection can be performed by the homeowner to detect critical items that may be ...
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Wood Desk with Tools
Six Questions to Ask When Hiring A Foundation Repair Company
Choosing a foundation repair company is difficult. There are many companies in Houston that come and go each year. So how do you find a reputable, reliable, dependable, and honest ...
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Foundation Warranty Post
What Does a Foundation Repair Warranty Cover?
When making a comparison between foundation repair companies, it is important to remember that not all the foundation repair warranties are the same. Even when companies are located in the ...
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High angle shot of a contractors estimate form surrounded by his well used tools.
How Foundation Repair Contractors Correct Issues
Often times homeowners wonder how specialists make repairs to their foundation. When you research the subject, you will learn that most companies use the number one rated repair technique available ...
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Image of a Top Quality badge
Houston Foundation Company Reviews
When you are selecting a repair company for your foundation repair, you want the best.  You need someone that you can trust.  There is no better way for a company ...
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Beige Home with a Grassy Lawn
Trusted Sugar Land Foundation Repair Company
For foundation repair in Sugar Land, search no further than the contractors at AAA Foundation Service. When you need concrete slab foundation repair services, or to get a foundation repair ...
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Stamp that says "Lifetime Warranty"
Securing the Best Foundation Repair Warranty
The best foundation repair warranties in Houston, Sugar Land, and Katy, TX are free from AAA Foundation Service. We are slab foundation repair contractors. As professionals in the area, we ...
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House with a stethoscope being applied to it by a doctor
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?
This is a commonly asked question among homeowners in Katy, TX and the Houston metropolis area. Typically, most insurance companies do not cover foundation repair issues. With that being said, ...
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Image of the state of texas with the cities spelled out in the middle
Foundation Repair In Texas
Let's take a bit of time to review the causes of foundation repair problems in the Texas area. We will review the causes of cracking and the costs associated with ...
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Notebook that says "Facts"
The Five Facts of Foundation Repair
There is a lot of information floating around the internet when it comes to foundation repair. Some of this information is true and some is false. At AAA Foundation Service ...
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contractor shaking hands
Reasons to Hire a Foundation Contractor
There are a ton of advantages to hiring a foundation repair contractor to repair your concrete slab foundation. First, if you are performing slab repair and leveling in the Houston ...
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Dirt on Ground
Is Houston Foundation Repair Difficult?
Is it a difficult to repair a foundation in the Houston area? The clear answer here is yes. Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States, it ...
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Drain near a foundation
Foundation Maintenance Tips for Concrete Slab Foundations
If you want to avoid costly foundation repair you need to ensure you properly maintain your home's concrete slab foundation. Houston is filled with clay soil and can cause a ...
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Person Checking Off Items On Clipboard
The Five Step Process of Foundation Repair
The five step foundation repair process is a common industry process for placing piers under your home's foundation. The method has been around for years and is in practice wherever ...
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Freshly Poured Slab Foundation
The Six Main Issues Facing a Slab Foundation
At AAA Foundation Repair Houston we have seen all types of slab foundation issues over the last 60 years.  Slab foundations have grown more and more common over the years ...
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Cost to Hire a Houston Foundation Contractor
Foundation repair contractor costs can vary greatly from job to job. The final expense of any foundation repair in Houston, Texas is based on the items that are affecting the ...
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Foundation Repair Pier
Concrete Piers for Foundation Repair
There is a reason that the number one foundation repair system for residential homes are concrete piers; they work great.  Concrete pilings are strong, durable, and highly effective at the ...
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foundation crack
Foundation Cracks Always Need Repair
Cracks in concrete slabs can cause foundation damage to your home.  They are a very common issue in the Houston area and should be repaired if found.  Truth be told, ...
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Cracked Drywall
Don’t Patch Drywall Before Foundation Repair
While it is very possible to patch the cracks in your drywall caused by foundation damage, it will only be a temporary solution for your Houston area home.  Foundation issues ...
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Beige Sided Home
Four Causes of Foundation Problems in the Houston Area
If you find that you have slab foundation issues give us a call and let AAA Foundation Service come out and evaluate your house foundation at no cost and without ...
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Freshly Poured Concrete Slab
Concrete Slab Foundation Designs
Foundations that are designed and constructed with a slab foundation can create cracking and may require foundation repair over time.  This is especially true if your home is older than ...
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Calculator being used on a desk
What Is the Cost to Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor?
There are varying costs in hiring a foundation repair contractor for your Houston, Katy, Conroe, Sugar Land or Cypress home.  The final expenses are based on the issues that are ...
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Rain Drops on A Road Closeup
How to Prevent Foundation Issues During the Rainy Season
For proper foundation maintenance, keeping water for surrounding your home is paramount.  The initial step to take to ensure that your Houston area home is protected from the rainy storm ...
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Finding a Contractor in Houston
Three Tips to Find the Best Foundation Repair Contractor
When seeking to hire a foundation repair contractor in the Houston area you will come across many choices.  When selecting the best slab repair contractor you want to ensure that ...
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Cracked Brick Wall
Four Common Causes of Foundation Issues
There are many different issues that can cause a foundation to experience damage over time.  This is especially true in cities in and around the Houston area that have a ...
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Soaker Hose in Houston Texas
Using a Soaking Hose to Protect Your Foundation
At AAA Foundation Service of Houston, Texas we strongly recommend home owners use a soaking hose to properly maintain their foundation during the dry months of summer.  We often see ...
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Inspected Check Mark Box Home Inspection Evaluation
3 Terms Used in a Foundation Inspection
The foundation is one of the most important parts of a building, being responsible for bearing the weight of the home that sits atop it. Unfortunately, as time goes on, ...
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Room Addition
Repair Your Foundation Before You Remodel Your Home
You should always avoid performing any type of remodels to a home that has signs of slab level issues.  This especially holds true in Houston and the surrounding suburbs.  The ...
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House and Tool Image
How Much is Foundation Repair in Houston?
To properly calculate what a foundation repair will cost to complete in the Houston area a foundation specialist must do a proper assessment of a slab foundation's current performance.  There ...
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House Roof and Gutters
Three Tips to Avoid Foundation Moisture Issues
There are quite a few ways to avoid foundation moisture and water drainage issues from taking place around the perimeter of your home.  Below you will find three maintenance tips ...
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light brown brick home
Top Four Foundation Repair Mistakes Made by Property Owners
Knowledge is power and knowing what mistakes not to make in regards to your Houston area home's foundation will help ensure you are on solid ground for years to come.  ...
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Red House Outline Vector
When Should You Repair Your Foundation
Knowing when you should repair your slab foundation is very important as a homeowner.  If you are experiencing unexplained cracking on your interior walls or you are showing signs of ...
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Pouring Concrete in La Porte Texas
Causes of Floor Cracks in a Home
There are a multitude of things that can cause a floor to crack in your Houston area home. The first and most frequent reason for a crack to appear in ...
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For Sale Sign
Should You Buy a Home With Previous Foundation Issues?
Whether or not you should purchase a home that had a foundation repair in Houston previously completed is an easy decision if you know what questions you should be asking. Honestly, ...
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Sticking House Door in Friendswood TX
What Causes Home Doors To Stick?
There are a number of different things that can cause a door in your home to stick. When a door in your home does stick it can sometimes be a ...
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crack in a concrete building foundation
Keep Your Foundation on Solid Ground
The condition of your home's foundation is one of the most important things to keep track of.  When your foundation is in poor condition or becomes damaged in any way, ...
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Landscaping and Retaining Wall at a Residential Home
Homeowners Guide to Expansive Clay Soil
It is nearly impossible to predict how soil will shift and move over time. While most contractors and builders would love to have perfectly level soil conditions, rarely does it ...
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Concrete Slab Finshing
Three Things You Should Know About Slab Foundations
Slab foundations are the most common type of foundation found in Houston because they are designed for the city's soil type and they are cost effective to put in place ...
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Houston Area Home2
Save Your Foundation With Pier Underpinning
Even the best-constructed buildings may suffer structural problems as time goes on. Such problems are often the result of changes in the building's sub-base - that is, the soil and ...
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Foundation Repair Feedback
Houston Foundation Repair Reviews
You would not let just anyone into your home or business, and the same holds true for repairing your home or businesses foundation. You want someone you can trust. It ...
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Foundation Repair Tips
A stable foundation is one of the most important components to the structure of your home. Foundation problems in Houston typically lead to other major issues around the home, and ...
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