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Is Foundation Repair Necessary for Your Home?

Do You Need Your Foundation Repaired If you've just purchased a new home or are considering upgrades for your current residence, it's crucial to evaluate whether your home's foundation requires repair. The foundation stands as the cornerstone of your home, offering essential support. Without a solid foundation, your home could become uneven and start sinking. [...]

Crawlspace Inspection Guide: Identifying Common Problems in Pier and Beam Foundations

A Pier and Beam Home's Crawlspace Reveals Insights into Foundation Health The crawlspace might not be the central feature of your home, but it's a critical indicator of your Houston home's health and structural integrity. Essentially, any issue impacting your crawlspace could signal underlying foundation problems that, if ignored, may result in considerable damage across [...]

The Impact of Temperature Variations on Your Houston Home’s Foundation

How Temperature Fluctuations Can Affect Your Home’s Foundation Imagine your house sits on a giant concrete slab, strong enough to last for decades. You might think nothing can hurt it, right? Think again! Houston throws everything at it: scorching summers, soaking rains, and even chilly winters. These wild weather swings can actually crack your foundation, [...]

Maintaining Your Lawn Can Help Preserve Your Foundation

Maintaining Your Lawn Helps Preserve your Foundation Although Houston and its surrounding areas experience four distinct seasons in terms of temperature, the city has only two seasons in terms of weather: the wet season and the dry season. The wet season typically lasts from April/May to September/October, while the dry season lasts from November/December to [...]

4 Tips to Prevent Your Home Foundation From Sinking

How to Prevent Your Home Foundation From Sinking Over time, every home undergoes some settling, particularly noticeable in the initial 30 years after construction. Occasional creaking is usually normal and not a cause for concern. However, when settling becomes consistently loud or constant, especially after many years, it may indicate serious foundation problems. The foundation [...]

Taking Care of Your Home Throughout the Seasons

Taking Care of Your Houston Home Throughout the Seasons Owning a home comes with a laundry list of tasks, and while some remain constant, many change with the weather. This guide will walk you through each season, outlining what you need to do to keep your home in top shape. Winter in Houston As winter [...]

Avoiding Foundation Issues: Selecting the Best New Home Builders

Avoid Foundation Issues by Selecting the Best Builder for Your Home Sometimes, the only way to get the home you really want is to design it yourself! While this can be an exciting time, it can also be stressful. Several things determine how a home build will go and whether you'll end up with your [...]

Foundation Repair Related to Cast Iron Sewer Lines

Cast Iron Sewer Line Replacement Numerous older residences in the Houston area were constructed using cast iron pipes, which, with the passage of time, are prone to corrosion, leaks, and breakages. This poses a range of issues for homeowners. Beyond the inconvenience of foul odors and disruptions in your home's drainage system, there is a [...]

Could Plumbing Issues Pose a Threat to My Foundation?

Can My Foundation be Impacted by Plumbing Issues? Plumbing leaks and foundation damage might not seem connected at first, but there's actually a complex relationship between them. This means that plumbing issues can cause problems with the foundation, and vice versa. To better understand how different plumbing problems can affect a home's foundation, let's look [...]

Foundation Repair Tunneling: Understanding the Process and Techniques

Foundation Repair Tunneling: What is it and How is it Done? Once it's determined that your home has foundation issues, a comprehensive plan will be put together for your review. If the home leveling problems extend into the center of your home, two repair options are available. The first, known as a breakout, involves working [...]

Understanding the Clay Bowl Effect

What Is the Clay Bowl Effect Within the Greater Houston area, the soil composition consists of a blend of various sediments, minerals, and differing proportions of organic and inorganic materials, creating a base rich in clay. During the construction of a residence, the soil is excavated to accommodate the foundation, resulting in the formation of [...]

Cracks in Stucco – Causes and Solutions

My Stucco Home is Beginning to Crack Stucco cracks are usually caused by wrong mixing proportions, insufficient or excessive mixing, drying shrinkage due to the rapid evaporation of water from the stucco, seasonal changes, and seismic movement. But there are two more less-common causes of cracks in stucco: the normal settling of the home and [...]

Preventing Tree Roots from Causing Damage to Your Property

Preventing Tree Roots from Causing Damage to Your Property Trees can be wonderful assets to your property, enhancing its visual appeal and potential resale value. However, it's important to acknowledge that many trees send their roots in various directions, including above the soil surface, in search of moisture, nutrients, and oxygen. When tree roots breach [...]

Summer Foundation Inspection Checklist

Summer Foundation Checklist Houston, known for its affordable housing options, continued job growth, cultural diversity, and world-class attractions, offers an enticing living experience. However, there is one aspect that doesn't share the same appeal—the condition of its soil. With a high clay content, Houston's soil is highly susceptible to seasonal fluctuations. During the winter, it [...]

Concrete Piers: The Better Choice for Foundation Repair

Why Concrete Piers Are Better than Steel Piers Pier and beam foundations are the best choice for homes in areas with expansive clay soils and flooding. However, slab-on-grade foundations can be just as durable when built correctly. Regardless of the type of foundation you have, it must be strong enough to support the weight of [...]

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Houston

What is a Pier and Beam Home? Pier and beam homes were first constructed in Houston in the early 1900s. They were popular because they were well-suited to the city's soil conditions, which are prone to flooding and shifting. Pier and beam homes are still in use in Houston today, and they offer a number [...]

Foundation Problems

Foundation Problems - Houston, TX As a homeowner, you know that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your house. From leaky faucets to broken appliances, it seems like there's always something that needs fixing. But one of the most serious problems that you can face is a foundation problem. A [...]

Structural Repair Contractor

Structural Repair Contractor A structural repair contractor specializes in fixing damage to buildings and other structures, assessing the harm, devising a repair plan, and implementing it to restore the structure to its original state. Damage can result from weather events like floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes, natural disasters like earthquakes, poor construction or maintenance, aging, and [...]

Foundation Crack Repair – Houston

What Causes Foundation Cracks There are two types of foundation cracks: structural and non-structural. Structural Cracks When a crack occurs in the foundation, it is termed as a structural crack as it poses a risk to your home's structural soundness. These cracks are triggered by the following factors: Differential settlement: As a house settles into [...]

What is House Lifting

Home Elevation: The Basics Explained House lifting may not be the most typical home renovation project, but in Houston, it's a fairly common undertaking among homeowners. While the motivations for lifting a house may vary, most Houstonians opt for this solution to either fix a foundation that's starting to fail or safeguard their living areas [...]

Foundation Sinking or Foundation Settling: The Differences Explained

Foundation Sinking or Foundation Settling: The Differences Explained As a homeowner in Houston, it's crucial to understand the distinction between foundation settlement and sinking. Failing to do so could result in significant structural damage, leading to a range of issues throughout your home. Therefore, it's essential to be aware of these differences to prevent any [...]

Can Your Pool Cause Home Foundation Issues?

Can Your Pool Cause Home Foundation Issues? Water damage is a leading cause of claims on homeowners insurance, accounting for nearly 24% of all claims, as reported by the Insurance Information Institute. While sudden and accidental water damage is generally covered by homeowners insurance, except for flooding, damage that occurs gradually over time is typically [...]

How Cold Weather Can Impact Your Home Foundation

How Cold Weather Can Impact Your Home Foundation The winter months in Texas often bring mild temperatures, but the occasional snow, freezing rain, and ice can still have a detrimental impact on your home. These cold weather events can cause irreversible damage to your foundation and other structural elements of your house. To understand the [...]

How To Protect Your New Construction Home Foundation

How To Protect Your New Construction Home Foundation The foundation is a crucial aspect of any building's structure. Its strength and stability are essential for the overall quality and durability of the construction. To ensure the foundation can support the weight of the building and withstand external forces such as temperature changes, soil movement, and [...]

3 Commercial Landscaping and Foundation Maintenance Tips

3 Commercial Landscaping and Foundation Maintenance Tips Commercial properties require a strong foundation. To ensure your commercial property's stability, it's important to understand the interplay between erosion, landscaping, and drainage. Incorrect landscaping can result in poor drainage, and improper drainage can lead to erosion. Effective drainage systems play a crucial role in preventing erosion and [...]

5 Ways Landscaping Can Harm Your Foundation

5 Ways Landscaping Can Harm Your Foundation While the aesthetics of landscaping are crucial, it's essential to also think about how it can affect your entire home, especially your foundation. Unbeknownst to many, poor landscaping decisions can lead to significant foundation damage. To avoid this, we have put together a guide highlighting the 5 most [...]

How To: Maintain a Pier and Beam Foundation

How To: Maintain a Pier and Beam Foundation The pier and beam foundation was once a widely used type of home foundation, particularly before the 1960s. Even today, it can still be found in many historic neighborhoods and cottage areas across Texas. While its popularity has decreased in recent years, the pier and beam foundation [...]

Does a Drought Cause Foundation Damage?

Does a Drought Cause Foundation Damage? In Houston, when it rains, it floods. Most of the time, besides that, it is hot and dry. Sometimes, there are months that go by and it does not rain. The drought conditions created by this can negatively impact the soil. Not only do lawns turn brown and the [...]

Top 5 Foundation Issues in Houston

Top Five Residential Foundation Issues in Houston Houston residents who own houses often have problems with the foundations of their homes. This is often caused by the soil and clay in the area. These issues can cause problems for the house's foundation. This article will explain some of the most common foundation problems that Houston [...]

5 Maintenance Tips for Ensuring the Durability of Your Houston Home’s Foundation

5 Maintenance Tips for Ensuring the Durability of Your Houston Home's Foundation Protecting your home's foundation from damage and costly repairs can be done by creating a stable environment around it. To achieve this, it is essential to keep an eye on the soil surrounding your Houston home. By making sure it is level and [...]

Incorrect Rain Gutter Installation Can Cause Big Foundation Problems

Incorrect Installation of Rain Gutters can Cause Major Foundation Problems If you have rain gutters on your home, it's important to inspect them regularly as they can end up causing damage to your structure rather than protecting it. The damage caused by poorly functioning rain gutters can be expensive to repair, so it's worth taking [...]

How To: Seal Foundation Cracks

How To: Seal Foundation Cracks If you have some cracks in your foundation, it's important to address them as soon as possible. The first step to fixing them is to contact a qualified foundation repair specialist. They will be able to assess the damage and determine the necessary steps for repair based on the severity [...]

How Do Foundation Issues Impact the Value of Your Home

How Do Foundation Issues Impact the Value of Your Home If your home has foundation issues, it can significantly lower its value, potentially by as much as 10-20%. However, the extent to which the value is impacted depends on various factors, including the cause of the foundation damage and the method used to repair it. [...]

Interior Foundation Repair Process

Foundation Repair Inside Your Home Foundation damage is one of the most severe issues that can affect a home, particularly when the floor and concrete slab are tilting towards the center of the house. A specialist may suggest particular repair methods based on the foundation problems identified. For example, driven concrete piers or pile guard [...]

Are You Causing Foundation Issues?

Are You Harming Your Home's Foundation? The foundation is a key element of a home's structure, and its condition can have a major impact on the longevity of the house. While foundations are buried underground, they can still be affected by weather patterns such as heavy rains and droughts, especially if they are not properly [...]

What is a French Drain?

What is a French Drain? French drains, also called weeping tiles or sub-surface drains, are a type of outdoor drainage system used to remove excess water from the soil around foundations or other areas. These drains consist of a perforated pipe installed in a trench and covered with gravel or other porous material. The perforations [...]

My Newly Constructed Home Has a Foundation Crack

My Newly Built Home Has a Crack in the Foundation How worried should you be about cracks showing up in your new construction home? Let's take a look at some thoughts regarding this topic. It is not uncommon for small cracks to appear in a newly constructed home as it settles and the materials dry. [...]

Landscaping Drainage

Landscaping Drainage There are several causes of water accumulation around a home, including poor drainage and uncontrolled water runoff. This can result in numerous problems, such as pest infestations, wood rot, mold growth, and damage to structures like patios, driveways, walkways, and your home foundation. These issues can significantly reduce the value of your property. [...]

What is a Root Barrier

What is a Root Barrier? A root barrier is a physical barrier that is installed in the ground to prevent tree roots from growing into a particular area or from causing damage to nearby structures. Root barriers are typically made of materials such as plastic, metal, or concrete, and they can be installed either vertically [...]

5 Things to Know About Foundation Repair

What is Foundation Repair? Foundation repair is the process of fixing or reinforcing the foundation of a building or structure. The foundation is the part of the building that sits on the ground and supports the rest of the structure, so it is essential to the stability and safety of the building. When the foundation [...]

The Five Key Elements of House Leveling

The Key Elements of House Leveling Having a home leveled should not take a degree to understand. That is why we wrote this quick guide to assist you in understanding the fundamentals of house leveling. By the end of this brief article, you will know the five key elements that go into leveling a home, [...]

House Leveling Houston, TX

House Leveling in Houston All foundations will settle into the soil to some extent regardless of the age of the home in the Houston area. Even new construction homes will have some level of settlement. This is perfectly normal, and as long as the settlement is uniform across all areas of the home, there is [...]

Houston Foundation Inspection

Free Professional Foundation Inspection in Houston If you are starting to notice signs that your home foundation might be settling, cracking or moving, a free foundation inspection is key in making sure you know exactly what your home is experiencing. At AAA Foundation, our foundation repair inspectors are certified and have the highest level of [...]

Foundation Repair Terminology

Foundation Repair Terms Foundations and the problems that impact them can be confusing. AAA Foundation Service knows that when homeowners and commercial property owners are facing potential foundation damage, the prospect of securing the right repair solution can seem daunting. Understanding some of the basic terminology involved in foundation repair can help. This page was [...]

Interior Signs of a Shifting Foundation – Updated July 2021

Signs of a Shifting Foundation It is often said that a building is only as sturdy as the foundation it rests upon, and really, this statement could not be more true. If your home has a foundation that is unstable, the structure built upon it will have all kinds of problems. In fact, most homeowners [...]

How Soil Effects Your Home’s Foundation – Updated July 2021

The Effect of Soil on Your Home Foundation When it comes to threats to a home’s foundation, few people realize the huge impact that soil can play. This is especially true for those who live in areas where so-called expansive soils are present. Expansive soils are capable of causing cracks and other structural issues in [...]

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Foundation

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Foundation? There are four main driving factors that impact the time needed to perform a foundation repair on a concrete slab home. 1. The extent of the damage to the homes foundation. A house that has been sitting with a needed repair to the foundation for many [...]

Trees that Will Not Damage Your Foundation

How To Select The Best Tree That Will Not Damage Your Foundation Trees make a wonderful addition to almost any landscape, especially in Houston with the hot sun beaming down most of the year. That being said, trees are one of the top contributors to home foundations needing repair in the greater Houston area. Root [...]

Will Foundation Repair Damage My Landscaping

Foundation Repair and Landscaping If you are having foundation issues, you may be wondering how the contractor goes about making repairs. In this article, we will discuss how your landscaping may be impacted during a foundation repair. Having a well landscaped lawn is a great way to ensure that you minimize impacts to your home [...]

What Are Structural Cracks?

Types of Cracks Found Around a Home There are several types of structural cracks that can be found in a home. Understanding what all of these cracks are can help you determine how serious of an issue you may be facing. We will detail the different types of cracks and their meaning so as a [...]

Cracked Floor Tiles and Foundation Issues

Are Cracked Floor Tiles a Sign of Foundation Problems? In most cases a tile floor that has several tiles that have cracked near each other is a sign of a foundation issue. These cracks typically start with your slab foundation below the tile. Hairline cracks will begin to form when your foundation shifts. As these [...]

Foundation Repair Mistakes Homeowners Make

Four Common Foundation Repair Mistakes Made by Homeowners 1. Landscaping large trees and plants too close to your home foundation. Everyone wants their home to look nice, however, planting trees and large plants too close to your foundation can be a major hazard to your foundation. Trees and plants need moisture to survive and they [...]

How Foundation Settlement Impacts Your Home

Foundation Settlement in Houston You will find that in the Houston area, foundation settlement is a major issue. This includes foundation sinking, cracking and upheaval. Do you have signs of foundation settlement with your home? If so, make a note of it. While you may only see minor signs of issues with your home foundation, [...]

Leaning or Tilting Chimney?

Leaning Chimney Service in Houston A chimney that is leaning or tilting can be a sign of a settling foundation. The soil around your home is constantly moving and changing and this can make your foundation unstable. As the weather changes outside of your home, soil becomes dry during the summer and saturated during the [...]

Foundation Repair Shim Adjustment

Foundation Repair Shim Adjustment There are a lot of homes that have had foundation repair in Houston, TX carried out over the years. Over time these homes may need to have an adjustment made to the piers that were used to support the home. If AAA Foundation Service completed the repair, there is no cost [...]

Common Issues with Pier and Beam Foundations

Common Issues with Pier and Beam Foundations In the Houston area there are many older homes that have crawl spaces beneath them. These types of homes sit on what is known as a pier-and-beam foundation.  You have several beams that span the base of the home and these beams are then connected to the earth [...]

Foundation Leveling Facts and Myths

The Myths and Facts of Foundation Repair There are many misconceptions when it comes to foundation leveling. Here are four myths and facts surrounding this topic that should help clear up some confusion. MYTH: Foundation repair will decrease the overall value of the home. FACT: When a home foundation is repaired by a professional it [...]

How To Water Your Foundation

How to Correctly Water Your Foundation Watering your foundation is something that every homeowner should do, especially for those that own a home in the Houston area. This summer we have seen dramatic drought conditions, and this type of weather can cause major damage to a home foundation. For most homeowners, watering a foundation is [...]

How Long Should You Wait to Repair Your Home After Foundation Leveling

When to Make Home Repairs After Foundation Leveling AAA Foundation Service has repaired over 10,000 homes in the Houston area. A vast majority of these homes had internal structure issues prior to having their foundation repaired. Fixing the foundation issues are the first step prior to addressing any other problems you home may face because [...]

3 Reasons to Have a Foundation Inspection Completed

Do You Have Foundation Damage? If you have discovered what you believe is foundation damage in or around your home, you should be curious what might be causing it. You might see cracking walls or ceilings or perhaps you can feel your floors sloping. Sometimes you may have doors that no longer open or close [...]

How to Prevent Foundation Damage from Soil Erosion

Preventing Soil Erosion When the weather elements of Texas wear away at the topsoil and cause the underlying dirt to be exposed, soil erosion is taking place. Soil erosion is a naturally occurring activity that is found happening across the country. When the soil erodes around your home, foundation issues can begin to surface.  Also, [...]

Summer Heat & Foundation Damage

Does Summer Heat Cause Foundation Damage? Heat is an issue for concrete slab foundations during the Summer months. Homeowners in the Houston area have experienced extreme Summer temperatures for many years, especially during the 2015 drought. When Summer comes and the temperatures increase, moisture in the soil erodes and the ground that surrounds your home [...]

Reasons to Address Foundation Issues Early

Address Foundation Problems Early Often a homeowner will prioritize any repairs that need to be made to their home by how soon they need to be handled. If a pipe in your wall bursts and is flooding your home, for example, that is something you will fix immediately. If a tree branch breaks through your [...]

Does Slab Repair Increase Your Home Value

Spring Home Improvement Projects Return-on-investment is a term that most people associate with stocks, bonds and Wall Street. That could not be farther from the truth. As a homeowner, you want to get more money for your home than you originally paid for it when the time comes for you to sell it. Home improvement [...]

Best Foundation Repair Company in Houston

How to Find the Best Foundation Repair Company Foundation repairs are one of the most critical and most important of all home repairs. It is critical to choose a qualified and trustworthy contractor to perform your repair. How do you find a good company to perform the work? Foundation contractor reviews from homeowners that have [...]

Foundation Damage Caused by Water Drainage Issues

Foundation Damage Caused by Water Drainage Issues From hurricanes to droughts, there are many different things that can have an impact on your home's foundation. One of the most damaging, is water that does not properly drain. If you have too much water surrounding your foundation, the soil may swell. If you have too little [...]

Inspecting Your Home’s Foundation

Inspecting Your Home's Foundation If you suspect that your home's slab foundation may be in need of repair, a visual inspection can be performed by the homeowner to detect critical items that may be failing. This is not a professional inspection process that a Houston foundation repair company would be performing. The details listed below [...]

Six Questions to Ask When Hiring A Foundation Repair Company

Six Questions to Ask When Hiring A Foundation Repair Company Choosing a foundation repair company is difficult. There are many companies in Houston that come and go each year. So how do you find a reputable, reliable, dependable, and honest foundation repair company? This article will go into detail surrounding the six questions you should [...]

What Does a Foundation Repair Warranty Cover?

What Does a Foundation Repair Warranty Cover? When making a comparison between foundation repair companies, it is important to remember that not all the foundation repair warranties are the same. Even when companies are located in the same city and state, the coverage that they offer may differ greatly from one another. We have taken time to [...]

Houston Foundation Company Reviews

Foundation Repair Reviews When you are selecting a repair company for your foundation repair, you want the best.  You need someone that you can trust.  There is no better way for a company to build trust than with proof.  The old saying is, "don't take my word for it."  With AAA Foundation Service you can [...]

Trusted Sugar Land Foundation Repair Company

"Here for Sugar Land. Here to Stay."Call For a Free Estimate: 713-467-8981Foundation Repair Company in Sugar Land For foundation repair in Sugar Land, search no further than the contractors at AAA Foundation Service. When you need concrete slab foundation repair services, or to get a foundation repair estimate on your home, we are the team [...]

Securing the Best Foundation Repair Warranty

Securing the Best Foundation Repair Warranty The best foundation repair warranties in Houston, Sugar Land, and Katy, TX are free from AAA Foundation Service. We are slab foundation repair contractors. As professionals in the area, we offer a lifetime guarantee on the services we provide to all our clients. Securing the top foundation contractor in [...]

Is Foundation Repair Covered by Insurance?

Is Foundation Repair Covered by Insurance? Most insurance companies do not cover foundation repair in Houston. With that being said, you will want to speak to a representative from your insurance company to validate this. In 60+ years of repairing slab foundations there have been a handful of times that foundation repair was covered by [...]

The Five Facts of Foundation Repair

Slab Foundation Repair Facts There is a lot of information floating around the internet when it comes to foundation repair. Some of this information is true and some is false. At AAA Foundation Service we want to ensure that you have all of the facts before selecting a company to repair your slab in the [...]

Reasons to Hire a Foundation Contractor

Reasons to Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor There are a ton of advantages to hiring a foundation repair contractor to repair your concrete slab foundation. First, if you are performing slab repair and leveling in the Houston area and have been for 60 years, you are intimately familiar with the environment that you are doing [...]

Is Houston Foundation Repair Difficult?

Is Houston Foundation Repair Difficult? Is it a difficult to repair a foundation in the Houston area? The clear answer here is yes. Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States, it is also one of the most clay dense environments in Texas. Having a solid foundation is important to any homeowner [...]

Foundation Maintenance Tips for Concrete Slab Foundations

Foundation Maintenance Procedures for Concrete Slab Foundations If you want to avoid costly foundation repair you need to ensure you properly maintain your home's concrete slab foundation. Houston is filled with clay soil and can cause a large amount of problems for slab foundations throughout the area. These kinds of issues typically are caused from [...]

The Five Step Process of Foundation Repair

The Five Step Process to Foundation Repair The five step foundation repair process is a common industry process for placing piers under your home's foundation. The method has been around for years and is in practice wherever slab foundations can be found. Before you sign on with a foundation contractor, educate yourself around this process [...]

The Six Main Issues Facing a Slab Foundation

Common Slab Foundation Issues in Houston At AAA Foundation Service we have seen all types of slab foundation issues over the last 60 years.  Slab foundations have grown more and more common over the years due to their ease of construction and lower cost.  They are especially popular in Houston and the surrounding areas due [...]

Cost to Hire a Houston Foundation Contractor

The Cost to Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor Foundation repair contractor costs can vary greatly from job to job. The final expense of any foundation repair in Houston, Texas is based on the items that are affecting the home and the amount of piers that need to be placed. The pricing range for this type [...]

Concrete Piers for Foundation Repair

Concrete Piers for Foundation Repair There is a reason that the number one foundation repair system for residential homes are concrete piers; they work great.  Concrete pilings are strong, durable, and highly effective at the task of leveling a home.  Concrete piers stand the test of time when it comes to making sure that a [...]

Foundation Cracks Always Need Repair

"Here for Houston. Here to Stay."Call For a Free Estimate: 713-467-8981 Foundation Cracks Always Need Repair Cracks in concrete slabs can cause foundation damage to your home.  They are a very common issue in the Houston area and should be repaired if found.  Truth be told, cracks are probably one of the most common signs [...]

Don’t Patch Drywall Before Foundation Repair

Patching Drywall Cracks from Foundation Issues While it is very possible to patch the cracks in your drywall caused by foundation damage, it will only be a temporary solution for your Houston area home.  Foundation issues are long-term problems if not addressed immediately and with the proper foundation repair procedure.  In the long run it [...]

What Causes Foundation Failure in Houston

Causes of Foundation Problems in the Houston Area If you find that you have slab foundation issues give us a call and let AAA Foundation Service come out and evaluate your house foundation at no cost and without obligation.  Any issues you are experiencing now will only continue to amplify as time goes on so [...]

Concrete Slab Foundation Designs

Slab Foundation Design Foundations that are designed and constructed with a slab foundation can create cracking and may require foundation repair over time.  This is especially true if your home is older than the early 1980’s.  If you find that you need repair, contact a concrete contractor to provide an expert solution to your repair needs.  [...]

Three Tips to Find the Best Foundation Repair Contractor

Finding a Foundation Repair Contractor When seeking to hire a foundation repair contractor in the Houston area you will come across many choices.  When selecting the best slab repair contractor you want to ensure that you are armed with the proper information.  The company should have a track record of excellent work and be able [...]

Four Common Causes of Foundation Issues

Common Foundation Issues in Houston There are many different issues that can cause a foundation to experience damage over time.  This is especially true in cities in and around the Houston area that have a high clay concentration in the soil.  To ensure that you have the proper knowledge of what your foundation may be [...]

Using a Soaker Hose to Protect Your Foundation

Using a Soaker Hose to Water Your Foundation At AAA Foundation Service of Houston, Texas we strongly recommend home owners use a soaking hose to properly maintain their foundation during the dry months of summer.  We often see temperatures over 100 degrees throughout our summers, and areas like Katy, Sugar Land, and Friendswood often see [...]

3 Terms Used in a Foundation Inspection

Foundation Inspections Terms The foundation is one of the most important parts of a building, being responsible for bearing the weight of the home that sits atop it. Unfortunately, as time goes on, foundations often develop problems that leave a home under-supported. This may lead to structural issues that reduce the home's value, while also [...]

Should You Repair Your Foundation Before Remodeling Your Home?

Remodeling Your Home You should always avoid performing any type of remodels to a home that has signs of foundation issues.  This especially holds true in Houston and the surrounding suburbs.  The soil composition of a home that is already showing signs that it needs foundation repair will only continue to degrade unless it is [...]

How Much is Foundation Repair in Houston: 2024?

Cost of Foundation Repair in Houston To properly calculate what a foundation repair will cost to complete in the Houston area, a foundation specialist must do a proper assessment of a slab foundation's current performance.  There are many factors involved when it comes to providing cost estimates for foundation repair in Houston.  Everything from the [...]

Three Tips to Avoid Foundation Moisture Issues

Tips to Avoid Foundation Moisture Issues There are quite a few ways to avoid foundation moisture and water drainage issues from taking place around the perimeter of your home.  Below you will find three maintenance tips that will help you avoid issues related to water damage and your foundation.  No matter the type of slab [...]

Top Four Foundation Repair Mistakes Made by Property Owners

Foundation Mistakes Made by Homeowners Knowledge is power, and knowing what mistakes not to make in regards to your home's foundation will help ensure you are on solid ground for years to come.  A bit of maintenance on your foundation can help protect your home from the need for future foundation repair solutions.  Regardless of [...]

When Should You Repair Your Foundation

When To Have Your Foundation Repaired Knowing when you should repair your slab foundation is very important as a homeowner.  If you are experiencing unexplained cracking on your interior walls or you are showing signs of structural separation on the exterior of your home you will want to look into what issues may be taking [...]

Causes of Floor Cracks in a Home

What Causes of Floor Cracks in a Home There are a multitude of things that can cause a floor to crack in your home. The first and most frequent reason for a crack to appear in your slab floor is the change in the moisture content that surrounds your home. There are several reasons this [...]

Buying a Home in Houston with Previous Foundation Repair

Buying a Home with a Previous Foundation Repair Whether or not you should purchase a home that had a foundation repair in Houston previously completed is an easy decision if you know what questions you should be asking. Honestly, you are in a better place knowing that the home has already had the foundation worked on [...]

What Causes Home Doors To Stick?

Why Are Your House Doors Sticking? There are a number of different things that can cause a door in your home to stick. When a door in your home does stick, it can sometimes be a result of foundation issues. Wood has a natural contraction and expansion that can sometimes cause doors to stick and [...]

Homeowners Guide to Expansive Clay Soil

Expansive Clay Soil in Houston It is nearly impossible to predict how soil will shift and move over time. While most contractors and builders would love to have perfectly level soil conditions, rarely does it exist. Truth be told, the soil in Houston with the large clay content in different areas of the city can [...]

Three Things You Should Know About Slab Foundations

Slab Foundation Information Slab foundations are the most common type of home foundation found in Houston for two reasons; they are designed for the city's soil type and they are cost effective to put in place. Slab foundations do have a few disadvantages over other types of foundations though. The most common problems that affect [...]

Save Your Foundation With Pier Underpinning

Pier Underpinning Even the best-constructed buildings may suffer structural problems as time goes on. Such problems are often the result of changes in the building's sub-base - that is, the soil and rocks beneath your foundation. Even seemingly stable sub-bases may shift and sink with time, often causing cracks and other forms of foundation damage [...]

Foundation Repair Tips

Foundation Repair Tips A stable foundation is one of the most important components to the structure of your home. Foundation problems in Houston typically lead to other major issues around the home, and it is important to get a foundation expert to inspect your property to ensure those issues do not spread. At AAA Foundation [...]

Foundation Cracks: Causes and Prevention

Unlevel Foundation Causes and Prevention Foundation cracking is a common but still serious problem that affects countless homes all across the United States. There are many potential causes of foundation cracking, but these causes can often be placed into one of the two broader categories. Fortunately, since foundation cracking is often preventable, having the proper [...]