How To Select The Best Tree That Will Not Damage Your Foundation

Trees make a wonderful addition to almost any landscape, especially in Houston with the hot sun beaming down most of the year. That being said, trees are one of the top contributors to home foundations needing repair in the greater Houston area. Root length and depth need to be considered for any tree that you are thinking about planting within 20ft of your home. This guide should help steer you in the right direction in regards to selecting foundation friendly trees. By selecting the correct tree for your home, you can help to ensure you never need foundation repair.

Foundation Repair Because of Tree

The Best and Worst Trees For Foundations

The best types of trees to plant near your home are those with non-invasive root systems. You want a tree that has a root system that likes to grow deep and not spread out more than 20ft from the tree. The best types of trees to select include oaks, walnut trees, hickory and most conifer trees. Due to the fact that there are many different soil types throughout the area, it is best to contact a professional local landscaping company to discuss which type of tree will do well in your area.

The worst types of trees to plant near your home are trees that grow long, lateral root systems. These types of trees include, but are not limited to: maple, ash, and cottonwood trees. Deciduous trees tend to have a deep system of roots that crawl beneath foundations and cause soil deterioration. These types of trees hurt your foundation by growing under your structure and forcing it upwards causing your foundation to heave. The root system will also remove moisture from the soil around it and this can cause damage to your foundation from sinking as well.

How Far From the House Should a Tree be Planted?

Trees should be installed 15′ – 25′ away from your home foundation depending on the size of the tree when mature. If you choose a tree that does have a large root system, you want to plant it farther from the home than you would if you choose a tree with a smaller root system. If you already have a tree that has been planted close to your home and want to ensure that it does not cause future damage, a professional landscaping company can come in and place metal root barriers next to your foundation.

If you already have issues with your foundation and you believe that a tree may be the culprit give us call. We provide free foundation inspections and can detail what kind of damage you may be experiencing. We serve all of Houston and the surrounding area.

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