9 Revealing Signs It’s Time To Call Foundation Repair Experts!

Most homeowners don’t think about foundation issues until they get out of hand. Foundation issues can cause serious structural damage that can run up hefty repair bills down the road. Identifying signs of foundation issues early on can help you contact repair experts to have them repaired before they cause further damage to your home. Here are nine sure signs you might need a foundation repair in Houston.

Interior Cracks And Bowed Walls

A damaged and weakened foundation will not support the building’s weight as required. Therefore, the building might shift to one side, pulling the interior walls and ceilings. When the inner walls and ceiling sag and sink along with the building, it causes cracks along its walls and ceilings and other noticeable damage. The decrease in the wall stability can also cause the bowing of the walls. This is where a part of the wall bulges out as if it is about to break into two. If you have wallpaper, it might have tears due to the bulging wall behind it. You can also look out for cracks between doors and windows and the ceilings or floors.

Sticking Windows And Doors

The weakened foundation can cause a shift in the building’s structure resulting in the windows and doors moving out of position. This can cause difficulties when opening the doors and windows since their frames have been shifted. You might notice that the doors and windows don’t close or open all the way and have a creaking sound as you move them. The window ledges and door frames might also be visibly uneven or crooked.

Uneven And Cracked Floors

A damaged foundation can put pressure on the floors, causing them to shift out of their level position. This shift can cause the weakest areas of the floor to bulge upwards or crack. The bulging or cracked floors might be harder to detect due to tiles above or carpets covering them. If your carpet is bundled up in one area, or the tiles are out of place, that can mean that the floors are uneven and it’s a sign you might need to call a foundation repair company. The sooner you fix your foundation, the more money you’ll save on repairs down the road.

Gaps Around Moulding

Shifting of the walls due to weakened foundations can make them pull away from each other, causing gaps to form in the corners of your rooms. The shift can also make the crown molding and baseboards pull away from the floors and walls, as evident from the cracks along their edges. You might be tempted to patch up those cracks or reattach them to the walls. However, that will not solve the root cause of the problem, which requires the help of an expert foundation repair contractor.

Excess Basement Moisture

A strong foundation protects your basement from the damp soil layers underneath. Where the foundation is damaged, cracks might let in moisture into your home, making your basement damp and musty. Excess moisture in the basement can also bulge the walls over time. Setting up a dehumidifier is only a temporary solution to the problem. Foundation cracks should be addressed by contacting a foundation repair expert who can fix the damage efficiently and allow you to enjoy your home.

Efflorescence On Walls

Efflorescence is a whitish powdery substance found on walls. The substance is a combination of salts that crystalize on the wall’s surface after passing from the interior of the walls through the porous concrete. Efflorescence on walls can signify that your foundation is faulty and lets excess moisture into the walls. Hiring a foundation repair contractor can help you eliminate the efflorescence and fix the foundation damage to prevent further water leakage.

Faulty Interior Insulation

A damaged foundation can lead to cracks on walls, affecting temperature regulation in the building. The cracks can let out cool air while bringing in hot air and humidity, causing your home to be really warm. Since the cracks affect the ventilation in your home, your air conditioning system can stay on longer than usual, leading to higher utility bills. If you can’t explain the sudden warm drafts in your home, you should contact a foundation repair company to check for potential cracks and other damage.

Mold Growth And Musty Smells

Excessive moisture can attract mold. If your foundation has cracks, it will let in excess moisture, leading to mold formation. It can cause sneezing, coughs, headaches, and sore throats if you’re allergic to mold. A combination of mold, dust, and mildew can cause an unpleasant musty smell in your home. If you have a musty smell in your basement, it might be due to water leakage through your damaged foundation. Hiring a foundation repair contractor can help you patch up your foundation and kill off any mold for good.

Plumbing Issues

A shifting foundation due to a weak foundation can put pressure on your building’s plumbing pipes and connectors. Pipes are fixed strategically to allow wastewater and other solid waste to flow slowly. A shift of the pipes in one direction can cause the water to flow too fast, leading to solid waste clogging. Pressure on the pipes can also cause cracks and separation, leading to water leakage. Such leaks can cause high water bills and increase the risk of mold growth in the building’s interior. If you notice sudden spikes in the water bill, it is best to contact a foundation repair company to check for foundation damage or weakness.

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