5 Maintenance Tips for Ensuring the Durability of Your Houston Home's Foundation

Protecting your home’s foundation from damage and costly repairs can be done by creating a stable environment around it. To achieve this, it is essential to keep an eye on the soil surrounding your Houston home. By making sure it is level and has proper drainage, you can prevent water from pooling and causing the slab to settle or crack. Additionally, regular inspections of your home exterior, and other simple techniques can help you maintain the foundation of your home. Implement these tips today to safeguard your property.

1. Indoor Plumbing Leaks

The Houston area is particularly susceptible to foundation damage caused by indoor plumbing leaks. These leaks can result in costly repairs and can be catastrophic for your concrete slab. The water can erode the soil supporting the slab and cause small fractures in the foundation that can grow over time. To reduce the risk of this happening, it is advisable to have your plumbing inspected regularly, particularly in the bathroom, where water is more likely to accumulate if there is a problem elsewhere in the house. This can help you to prevent major damage and save thousands of dollars in repairs.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Trees

Trees can pose a significant threat to the foundation of your home. Although they may offer shade and comfort during Houston’s hot months, their invasive roots can penetrate deep into the foundation’s pores. The damage caused by these roots may not be immediately apparent as they grow slowly and underground, but over time, they can cause the earth to heave, putting pressure on the slab and causing large cracks. Once the roots have infiltrated, it can be challenging to remove them without harming the tree. To avoid this problem, it’s recommended to ensure that all trees are planted at a safe distance from the foundation and to install a root barrier around the perimeter of the building. This will help to protect your home from unwanted root growth.

3. Look at Your Landscape Grading

When it comes to the foundation of your home, the slope of the soil in the 2-4 feet surrounding your house is crucial. Whether your home is located on a hill or not, the soil that comes into contact with the foundation should be graded in a way that allows for easy drainage of rainwater. If you find that the soil around your Houston home slopes inward, creating a small moat, it is important to take corrective measures by adding soil, rock or other fillers. Some homeowners in Houston opt for installing new drainage systems around their homes to prevent rainwater from being funneled towards the walls and sitting there, leading to erosion, freezing, expansion cracks and more.

4. Inspect Your Gutters Regularly

The proper functioning of your gutters and downspouts is essential in directing water away from your Houston foundation, similar to the slope of the soil. If your gutters are clogged with leaves or damaged, they will not be able to perform their function effectively. Regular cleaning of your gutters in spring and even in fall, can guarantee that water is collected and directed away from your foundation without overflowing, preventing damage to your home.

5. Keep Your Soil Moist

Just as pools of water can be detrimental to your foundation, overly dry soil can also cause damage. When soil is dry, it shrinks, leaving empty spaces beneath the foundation that are no longer adequately supported. During times of drought, it’s important to use a soaker hose to carefully hydrate the soil without causing water to runoff. This will help maintain proper moisture levels and support the foundation of your home.

Many of the maintenance tasks mentioned in this list can be accomplished quickly and easily, but if you notice any damage during your routine inspections, it’s important to have it evaluated by a professional. To schedule a consultation and foundation repair, reach out to your local foundation repair experts today and consult with one of our specialists.

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