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Top Four Questions a Prospective Home Buyer Should Ask About a Foundation

Purchasing a home is an exciting process, yet it can be complicated as well. There are many questions that you are tasked with asking as you look to buy a new home. This includes questions about the condition of the home’s structure. You can save a significant amount of money by asking the right questions about the foundation before finalizing any contracts. The foundation is the most crucial part of the home, make sure you know what to ask before you select your future home by asking the questions below.

Questions Foundation Repair

1. Has the foundation of the home ever been repaired before?

While this information may not be available from the current homeowner, it is beneficial to know if the foundation has ever been repaired. If a homeowner has had previous foundation repair it should be noted on the disclosure information provided from the selling realtor.

2. If the foundation has had previous repairs, does that work come with a lifetime warranty?

Some foundation companies offer a lifetime transferable warranty on their repairs. Some foundation repair companies provide this as an optional benefit that can be purchased. Either way, you want to find out if there is a lifetime warranty on the work that was performed. If there is a lifetime warranty on the foundation, find out exactly what it takes to have that warranty transferred into your name. In some cases there may be a cost associated with transferring the warranty to the new homeowner.

3. Are there signs of structural issues with the home?

Many times it is hard to see the issues a foundation may be facing without a professional inspection. There are some obvious signs to look for in the home such as sloping floors, cracks in walls and doors that are hard to open. If you see any signs that the foundation may be experiencing issues, you should have a structural engineer inspect the foundation before closing on the home.

4. Does the home have an adequate drainage system in place?

Regardless of the foundation type that the home has, proper drainage is very important in the Houston area. A home that does not have any type of drainage system runs the risk of having moisture pool around the foundation. This moisture can cause many issues over time including heaving and structural damage. If you find there are no issues after a foundation inspection, you can add a drainage system after you have made the home purchase.

Home Foundation's in the Houston Area

In the gulf coast area there are a lot of homes that have had foundation repair in the past. It is pretty safe to consider these homes when you are searching for a new house. If the repair was in the distant past and the home is sitting level then you are in good shape.

At AAA Foundation Service, we have a team of experienced foundation specialists. If you do find a home that has a need for foundation repair, we can get you taken care of within days of closing on the home. Our team provides is professionally certified and we offer a Free Lifetime Transferable warranty on all our work.

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