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    Slab Foundation Repair

    If you notice signs that your slab foundation has shifted or is out of level, it is time to have a professional foundation inspection performed.
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    Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

    If you are having issues with your pier-and-beam foundation, give us a call today. We specialize in crawl space and pier-and-beam foundation repairs.

    House Leveling

    When your home becomes unlevel, it can cause a multitude of issues. We have leveled over 30,000 homes in the Houston area. Give us a call today and let us create a plan to get your home back on level ground.

    Landscape Drainage

    Proper landscape drainage is important to the health of your foundation. Let our professionals help you create a plan to keep water away from your home.

    AAA Foundation Service

    A Trusted Foundation Repair Company

    We realize it is difficult for homeowners to select a company to perform their foundation repair.  Your home is your most valuable asset and you want to ensure that the company you select to perform structural repairs on your home is the best at what they do. As a homeowner, it can also be difficult to identify what structural issues your home may be facing. Let our Certified Foundation Repair Specialists help you identify your foundation issue, find the correct solutions to the problem, and get the job done on time at a fair price.

    Our team is National Foundation Repair Association certified, and all of our work includes a Lifetime Transferable Warranty at no additional cost. We have leveled thousands of residential homes in the Houston area, and our ratings speak for themselves. If you are looking for the best foundation repair company to secure your home, then you are in the right place.

    If you think your home has a foundation problem, give us a call, and we will be glad to schedule a free foundation evaluation with one of our foundation inspectors.

    AAA Foundation Repair Chris Bartlett

    Chris Bartlett, Certified Foundation Repair Specialist

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    Kurt Bartlett, Certified Foundation Repair Specialist

    Foundation Leveling Experts

    AAA Foundation Service began repairing slab foundations back in 1955 when Houston was still a small bustling Texas city. For over 60 years this family-owned business has proudly served thousands of area homeowners. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality work. We continue to earn the highest rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, year after year. We have been here for Houston for the last 60 years and we are here to stay.

    You can trust AAA Foundation Service. 

    • Professional and Reliable
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    • Locally Owned and Operated
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    18-Month No-Interest Financing Available
    Foundation Repair Financing

    We offer plenty of convenient payment options to fit your individual needs. Repairing your foundation could not be easier.  Some benefits of financing with us include:

    • – No interest for up to 18 months
      – A quick & easy finance application process
      – Fast approval turn-around time
      – Low monthly payment options

    Contact us today to find out what financing options we have available for you!

    You Can Trust 60 Years of Experience
    60 Years of Experience
    Foundation Repair Information

    Signs of Concrete Foundation Problems

    The overall well-being of your home’s structure depends on the foundation performing its intended purpose. It must support everything from the bottom to the top: floor coverings, cabinets, walls, doors, windows, and roof. Simply put, the integrity of your home’s slab protects the value and health of your home. Some things to watch for are:

     Uneven or sloping floors

    Cracks in sheetrock walls

    Gaps between wall and floor, or wall and ceiling

    Floor tiles cracking

    Counter tops out of level

    Doors sticking or unable to lock

    Exterior brick cracks or mortar separation

    Gap in expansion joints

    What Causes Foundation Damage?

    Below are the top three things that cause damage to a house foundation in the Houston area.

    1. Lack of moisture in the soil is the most common cause for foundation issues in Houston. Soil shifts when it shrinks due to a lack of moisture from high heat and little rain. This shifting can lead to your foundation slab sinking and sloping. If not addressed at first notice, this can become a much larger issue.

    2. Soil expansion is another cause for concern in the Houston area. When the soil becomes too moist around and under your home, the soil will expand. This soil expansion can lead to upheaval of the slab foundation and cause it to become uneven.

    3. Leaking plumbing under your slab can be a cause for issues related to your foundation as well. If you have a break in your plumbing under the slab continuous moisture in the soil will lead to slab upheaval. These types of leaks are often discovered while repairing the foundation. It is best to have a hydro static test completed on your plumbing system if you suspect that you may have a leak.

    Foundation Repair Process Overview

    If you are having concrete piers installed under your home’s slab foundation, the task is difficult if you are not an experienced contractor. Once the home has been inspected and we have worked with local engineers to put together a repair plan, the process will be scheduled to begin. On the date of the installation the team will complete the following process.

    Holes must be dug around your home, and in some cases inside your home as well. Soil must be removed from the areas where piers will be placed. Once these steps have taken place, the concrete pilings will be inserted deep into the earth with a special type of hydraulic pump. This equipment uses the weight of the home to press the piers into the soil. Once the point of resistance is reached and the piers can no longer be pushed into the soil, the hydraulic equipment is removed and each hole has a manual jack placed into it. The team will raise the home in unison until the slab is back to where it needs to be.

    Slab Leveling Concrete Contractors

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    Keeping Texans on Solid Ground for Over 60 Years

    AAA Foundation Service is one of the most experienced and respected foundation repair companies in Houston.  Call us today and let our experience go to work for you.

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    Reasons to Choose Us

    Here are just a few reasons our customers choose us to repair their home foundation.

    • Locally Family Owned Business
    • 60 Years of Foundation Experience
    • Fully Certified and Insured
    • We Put Our Clients First


    What our local customers say

    I have told all of my friends that may in the future have foundation problems, and will continue through the years to come, about AAA Foundation. I was so impressed and I am not an easy person to please. I am a designer and have experience with construction and my expectations were much lower. They proved me wrong.
    Thank you very much for the great job.
    Theresa R Another Happy Customer
    Steve and I would like to say,
    “Thank you” for the work that your Company recently did for us. Your crew and foreman were extremely polite and very professional in the job that they performed. They took great care in making sure that everything was properly protected (inside and outside our home) before, during, and after the work was completed. I will have no hesitation in recommending AAA Foundation to anyone inquiring about foundation repair.
    I would also like to add a personal “Thank you” to you for your integrity in standing behind your word. It is few and far between where people have given their word and then follow through in what they have promised.
    Debbie W One Happy Home Owner
    My condo was in really bad shape with a sunken foundation and the walls were hanging from the ceiling and cracked. I was living with a damaged home that was getting worse by the day.
    I have to say the team you sent was not only professional but did an excellent job. Yesterday was of course the wrecking day and I was dubious at best. Much to my surprise, my home is now level. I never thought this construction would be such a success. I have to tell you, your guys deserve a bonus for their performance not only in attitude, time management, but also their consideration of me, the homeowner.
    Henry Stevens Another Happy Homeowner

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